Season 3 Episode 12

Come Lie with Me

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Daphne wakes up in her room at Frasier's, realizing that her boyfriend - Joe - is still there when he should have left hours ago. Panicked, she tries to sneak him out the door past Martin and Frasier, but they walk back into the common area just as she is hustling Joe outside.

Frasier finds the whole scene extremely awkward and complains to Roz about it, who ridicules his selfishness in expecting that Daphne not have a man stay overnight. Frasier can't listen to her advice, and continues to obsess over the incident.

Meanwhile, Niles is paranoid that he has not been invited to some of the A-list social events of the year, and comes to understand that it must be because of the divorce - people are inviting Maris instead. He decides to show up to the next event presumptively and without invitation.

Frasier approaches Daphne about the incident with Joe staying over, and Daphne concludes (after first suggesting that she get "fixed like Eddie") that she should probably move out of the house. She tells him she'll look for a place as soon as the weekend is over, and she and Joe get back from their trip. Frasier is shocked, and even more upset is Martin when he hears the latest escapade inflicted by his eldest son.

While all this is going on, Niles becomes even more panicked that he's being regulated to the sorry B-list of socialites when he learns that there are more events from which he's been excluded.

As Martin and Frasier continue to pick at one another's habits and generally get on the other's nerves, it is a breath of fresh air when Daphne walks in from her weekend away, picks up all the garbage, gently commands Eddie off the sofa, tidies up the room and turns off an accent lamp, all the while making breezy conversation. Martin and Frasier conclude that she is the creme filling that holds the two hard cookies together and she is much needed. Frasier goes to her room to ask her to stay. Daphne tells him that she and Joe cant have sex due to an injury and Frasier is happy that nothing is going to happen when Joe stays over. When he comes back to the big room Niles comes from the other side having had a telephone conversation which resulted in him being happy that he still has friends and will see them soon. Martin offers cookies which are low fat and Frasier remarks that they can eat twice as much.Everyone is happy in his own denial.

The final scene with the credits depicts Daphne puring juice in three glasses while Frasier and Martin look on, all in morning robes. Then she takes all glasses and goes to her room. Martin and Frasier follow. Halfway there Daphne turns laughing and brings the glasses to the table.