Season 11 Episode 17

Coots and Ladders

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

A panicked Frasier calls Niles over to the apartment and says that he has committed a crime. He explains the series of events that led up to this. When Frasierwas overcome by a coughing fit, Roz took over the show and advised a caller to seek counseling to deal with kleptomania, which she described as being the result of someone needing the thrill of stealing to deal with the emptiness in his or her life. Frasier congratulated her on knowing what to say, but Roz said that it was easy because he is so predictable. While looking through some old photographs, Ronee remarked that Frasier hadn't changed in ten years. This prompted him to grow jealous of the excitement in the lives of his loved ones (Martin's engagement and Niles and Daphne's impending parenthood). Frasier then went to help an elderly neighbor, Opal, change a lightbulb. After she commented on his routine and compared him to a comfortable old shoe, he stole a small box from her for the thrill. However, he now feels guilty and seeks Niles' help to return it. They sneak into Opal's apartment, only to have her whole family show up for a surprise party. To make matters worse, Frasier learns that the item he stole was Opal's bronze medal from the 1936 Olympics. Frasier must distract the guests and try to think of an excuse to get Niles up a ladder to return the medal before anyone knows it is missing.LESS WRITE A REVIEW