Season 8 Episode 10

Cranes Unplugged

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2001 on NBC

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  • Frasier, Freddie, and Martin travel to the great outdoors.

    Feeling that he and his son are drifting apart, Frasier decides to take Freddie and Martin, to a cabin in the woods, with no TV, he gives Freddie and Martin a Journal to write in.

    The minute they arrive Freddie leaves to find a bathroom, and ends up making friends, with some fellow kids, while Martin and Frasier are back at the cabin, Martin writes down everything, every time Frasier makes him mad.

    Later on, Freddie and Frasier have a talk, and Freddie tells his dad, that he kissed a girl, and doesn't want to leave because he made plans with her.

    The scenes with Martin and Frasier where the best in this episode, makes you wonder what he wrote about Frasier, though judging by Freddie's reaction when he saw it, wasn't very nice.