Season 11 Episode 22

Crock Tales

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 04, 2004 on NBC

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  • The show honors the past

    The producers stated that they wanted to recap the series, but didn't want to create a lazy clip show - so they shot all-new scenes from the past.

    While the continuity of the new scenes are off, the spririt is there, as Frasier looks back on the ages and realizes how lucky he is. The crock pot was there for all of Frasier's meals with his family and Roz, and has become a real part of the family. The final scene in which Frasier decides that the crock should have an honored place at the table is moving (though it certainly can't hold water anymore.)

    The episode also has the air of a show getting ready to end as well - there's the feel of finality, of savoring everything about the show (another reason to revisit the past) - it's the penultimate episode, and it shows. Watching the episode first-run brought a lump to many a throat, seeing the calendar and knowing the series was almost concluded.

    Crock Tales is a personal favorite.
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