Season 4 Episode 9

Dad Loves Sherry, the Boys Just Whine

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

Niles enters Café Nervosa and runs into Roz. Roz tells the cashier to put Niles order on her bill. Niles questions her kindness. Roz explains (with several interruptions from Niles trying to guess) that she is celebrating her black toenail falling off.

Niles then joins Frasier at the table by the window as Martin's girlfriend Maureen leaves from the same table. Niles immediately announces he is winning a prestigious award and will be featured at a Gala Dinner. Fearing Martin will embarrass him, he discusses the need to exclude him. Frasier tell Niles that excluding Martin would be a bad idea as it is his birthday weekend and Maureen has just told him that she plans to dump him at dinner tonight. Niles ask why Maureen is breaking up with Martin and Frasier explains her reason as being "they have nothing in common". He tell Niles that Martin was fond of Maureen and repeats a statement Martin made to him: "Between his handicap sticker and her badge, they could park anywhere." Scene

Daphne enters the apartment. Frasier prepares Daphne for Martin's mood by telling her he will be returning from a break up dinner he is having with Maureen. Daphne assures Frasier that his dad will be okay. "People are resilient" she says. She tells Frasier of her 'the one that got away' story and begins to cry. She goes to her room in tears.

Martin and Maureen exit the elevator discussing how the dinner was making Martin feel sick to his stomach. Maureen returns to the elevator having walked Martin to his door. Martin enters the apartment and goes straight to the bathroom. He tells Frasier that he has never felt so bad. Frasier assumes he is talking about breaking up with Maureen and tries to cheer him up. The look on Martin's face tells Frasier that Maureen didn't discuss the break up at all. Martin, however, is glad to hear about Maureen wanting to break up because he wants to date Sherry. Martin goes to the phone to call Sherry when the doorbell rings. Frasier announces its Maureen and Martin hangs up the phone quickly. Maureen enters the apartment and tells Martin she has something to tell him. "I don't think it's working out."

Martin: "I didn't see that one coming." He assures her everything will be alright and escorts her out of the door as fast as he cans. Scene

Niles enters the apartment. He, Daphne and Frasier discuss Martin's birthday gifts. Martin enters living room from his bedroom dressed for a date. He is waiting for Sherry. Door bell rings. Sherry enters and Martin greets her with a big (emphasis on big) kiss. Sherry introduces herself to the family. They all sit and chat. Daphne suggest a drink and Sherry states she has brought the bubbly. She throws a brown paper bag covered liter to Niles. "Let's crack it open." (It's Cold Duck. A cheap liquor.)

As the conversation between them all continues, Sherry tells how she and Martin met at McGinty's. She says when she saw Martin she told him ...

"Bottoms up." Daphne says returning to the room with the drinks. Sherry: "Well, something like that."

They take a drink (Niles and Frasier rile from the taste) and they continue to talk and laugh with each other. (Sherry loves to do 'gotcha' jokes by making shocking statements and laughing at the response). The subject of relationships ending comes up and Sherry's advise is: "The best way to get over someone it to get under someone."

Niles: "I didn't know Mae West had kids."

Sherry freshens up in the bathroom, then they all leave for dinner. Scene

At Café Nervosa, (again sitting at table by the window) Niles and Frasier discuss how neither of them is comfortable around Sherry.

Niles: "Oh God, don't turn around." When he sees Martin and Sherry approaching. He tells Frasier they're coming.

Frasier: "Oh, but, this is our place."

Sherry and Martin speak then go to the bar to place their order. Frasier and Niles discuss ways of stopping them from coming to the café. Frasier feels the both of them should confront Martin but Niles weasels out and puts the responsibility squarely on Frasier's shoulders. When Sherry and Martin return, they announce that Sherry will be taking Daphne's ticket for the awards gala. A little more conversation and Niles and Frasier excuse themselves from the table. Outside the café Niles ask Frasier for help in excluding Sherry from the awards gala as she may embarrass him on his most important night. Frasier tells Niles that even though Niles bailed on that subject earlier leaving it ll up to him, he will put his resentment aside and help him. Then states: "Gotcha." and leaves. Scene

Niles is visiting Frasier's to talk with Martin about Sherry not attending the Gala. Niles skirts the issue and instead speaks to Martin about wearing the tuxedo he bought him for a birthday present and steps outside on the balcony.

Frasier enters the apartment and Martin exclaims: "That brother of yours is so afraid someone is going to embarrass him at his banquet."

Frasier assumes Martin is talking about Niles not wanting Sherry to attend the event and tells Martin how he agrees with Niles opinion. The look on Martin's face tells Frasier "he didn't mention any of this did he?"

When Niles returns from balcony and becomes aware of the subject matter, he feigns shock at Frasier's conversation. Frazier: "I see you're still waiting for that spine donor."

An argument ensues then they all make up.

Frasier: "I guess we can afford to be more understanding of ones mate."

Door bell rings. Sherry enters making jokes.

"Oh, I should stop. I'm embarrassing your boy." (looking at Niles)

Martin: "No your not. Is she?" (He looks and Niles and Frasier)

They both deny and embarrassment. Then Frasier tell Martin that Lilith will be spending the night soon. Martin pretends it doesn't bother him.

Sherry: "Martin you're squeezing my hand."

Sherry and Martin continue to laugh and joke while walking to Martins bedroom. Sherry stops and tells Frasier that she sometimes sleep walks naked and if he sees it then just give her a good nudge and she will snap out of it. Frasier and Niles respond as if it is a joke but Martin and Sherry maintain a serious disposition. When the boys feel ashamed of their reaction, Martin and Sherry break out into laughter and continue on to the bedroom. (another gotcha)

Niles drinks Martins left over beer and Frazier look very uncomfortable. The end.