Season 4 Episode 9

Dad Loves Sherry, the Boys Just Whine

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The title of this episode is meant to sound like, "Dad loves sherry, the boys just wine". The irony of it is, the Crane boys, as we well know, just love their sherry, and "dad" loves Balantine.

    • Martin claims that Hester liked everyone and found something to like in everyone. However, she despised Diane in the Cheers episode "Diane Meets Mom", and still hated her in the Season 9 episode "Don Juan in Hell (2)".

  • Quotes

    • Sherry: It's called (names a french perfume). You wouldn't believe what a bargain it is, for a hundred bucks I could buy enough to drown myself in.
      Niles: I've got 60...

    • Frasier: (about Sherry) Last night she treated us to selections from her unpublished volume - "Of Limericks for Lovers"...the last several about a well-travelled man, fortuitously named, Horatio.

    • Sherry: To me, humour is like a medicine.
      Niles: I guess we're in the placebo group.

    • Sherry: My mama always used to say to me, "Honey, the only way to get over someone is to get under someone."

    • Sherry: Oh, listen, I should mention. I'm kind of a sleepwalker, so if you get up in the night and find me in here naked, just give me a good hard shake. I'll come to in a jiff.
      Frasier: (laughing out loud) Ha, Ha-Ha. Got me, Good One.
      (Martin and Sherry look at each other, confused as to why the boys are laughing. Frasier sees this and stops laughing. Martin and Sherry then burst into laughter)
      Martin: That was great. (to Sherry) You really got them good.
      (Niles swigs from his beer can)

    • (Martin and Sherry enter Cafe Nervosa)
      Niles: Oh, dear God. Don't turn around.
      Frasier: Who is it?
      Niles: It's Dad, and he's brought Sophie Tucker!

    • (On Frasier's gift to Martin)
      Frasier: Twelve cassettes of the history of World War II!
      Niles: For those who thought the original was fun but too short.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Niles: It's Dad, and he's brought Sophie Tucker!

      Sophie Tucker (January 13, 1887 – February 9, 1966) was a Ukrainian-born American singer, comedian, actress, and radio personality. Known for her stentorian delivery of comical and risqué songs, she was one of the most popular entertainers in America during the first half of the 20th century. She was widely known by the nickname "The Last of the Red Hot Mamas."

    • Title Card: (child's printing, backward "s") No Girls Allowed

      Although this phrase has been used in a variety of movies and comic books to denote a boy's clubhouse, it was first popularized by The Little Rascals series of films (1935 - 1940).

    • (Frasier has been chastising Martin for his cavalier attitude towards his breakup with Maureen)
      Martin: Spare me the Ivy League bull. There ain't a dame alive who wouldn't rather break a guy's heart than think she hadn't even made a dent in it. I may not have been to Harvard, but I have been to the college of love.
      Frasier: Apparently, on a Spillane Fellowship.

      This references Mickey Spillane, creator of the hard-boiled detective character, Mike Hammer. Hammer's attitude towards "dames", like Martin's, lacked a certain genteel respect.