Season 8 Episode 19

Daphne Returns

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 01, 2001 on NBC

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  • One of the most technically advanced episodes, and one of the absolutely funniest!

    This is in my opinion one of the very best episodes of Frasier, and also one of the episodes which shows it's unique style.

    Daphne returns from her fat camp and she and Niles wind up arguing. She claims he hasn't been able to see her for who she really is; all he sees is the image of the woman he's adored for seven years. Niles on the other hand thinks she is completely wrong and that it's her new psychiatrist that has put ideas into her head.

    Frasier comes to see Niles and takes us on a virtual tour down memory lane to make his point. In a masterful way season 8 Niles and season 8 Frasier appear as spectators in three previous episodes, commenting on the scenes and analyzing them.

    It is an absolutely brilliant episode which can be watched time and time again, and which brings both Niles and the viewers to the place where the Niles/Daphne romance can begin for real. An episode like this was needed after all these years of Niles pining.
  • The best episode of Frasier, I\\\'ve seen yet.

    I watched the episode one morning on Lifetime and its was great. It was entertaining as well as thought-provoking, which should be the criteria of a good sitcom in my book. I saw in the trivia that this episode won an Emmy for its Outstanding Editing and it should have, because that scene in which Niles and Frasier goes through Niles and Daphne's love life was amazing. It reminded me of the Charmed episodes "Cat House" (Season 5) and "Generation Hex" (Season 8) in which the characters of the current season are digitally edited to go in past season episodes.

    I'm still laughing about how Roz ended up writing "Heidi". That was pure genius. This episode was awesome and I can't wait to see what's in store for these "fine example" of characters on Frasier.
  • One of the best storylines

    Daphne is back from "Fat camp" and while Niles is planning on consummating their relationship, Daphne feels distant from him after her therapist told her that her weight gaining was a way for her to push Niles away because of her fear of disappointing him and not being able to fulfill his 7 year long fantasy about her. That angers Niles and gets them into an ugly argument. Frasier meddles, as always, and helps Niles realize that the fact he never noticed Daphne's weight is because he tries to avoid her flaws- fearing that the relationship might not work out and he would find that he'd been chasing an illusion for 7 years. After Niles realize he should see Daphne the way she really is and not put her on "goddess" status, they make up and finally make love for the 1st time.

    This is one of the best plots of the show. First of all- before watching this episode the whole Daphne's sudden addiction to food didn't make sense and seemed like an unconvincing way for the writers to cover up Jane's pregnancy and maternity leave. This episode explains everything, plus it makes both Daphne and Niles look so human and their relationship so realistic- not all fun and kisses but real issues. David, Jane and Kelsey give wonderful performances. Excellent episode. Plus nice editing work, effects that aren't usually seen on sitcoms
  • Daphne returns from her weight loss classes.

    Daphne returns, from her weight loss class, and realizes that Niles never knew she gained weight, because he only sees her as this perfect woman, from the last 7 years.

    So after Daphne asks Niles to leave, Frasier helps Niles to see why he couldn't see that Daphne had gained so much weight, by revisiting past memories of times that Niles and Daphne spent together.

    Niles and Daphne then have what to me are the funniest moments in the episode, of the insults flying back and forth from Niles insulting Daphne's cooking, To Daphne insulting Niles about being a clean freak, the insults get to be so much, that it builds up allot of sexual tension between the two, and the next time you see Niles he has a big smile on his face.

    Daphne must be something because Niles can't keep the grin off of his face while he is with a patient.