Season 2 Episode 17

Daphne's Room

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier is looking for a book that he loaned to Daphne. Since she's out, he decides to go into her room and find it himself. While in there, he snoops around among Daphne's belongings. He finds a bottle of prescription pills, and just as he is examining the label, Daphne discovers him. Furious, Daphne carries a grudge against him – until Frasier reluctantly apologizes and Daphne eventually forgives him. Meanwhile, Niles is dealing with a hostile Maris, who is angry with him for downplaying her 40th birthday as she demanded.

The situation between Frasier and Daphne gets stickier, however, when Frasier realizes that evening that he accidentally pocketed her pills. In an attempt to return them to her room without her discovering that they're missing, Frasier ends up hiding in her closet, and then behind her bathroom door when she enters the room unexpectedly. After Daphne hollers at Eddie, Frasier assumes she has found him and steps out from behind the door while she is in the shower. They both scream and Frasier flees the room.

Niles is jealous when he discovers what happened. Frasier meanwhile ridicules his brother for bribing Maris into a good mood after forgetting her birthday by buying her a Mercedes.

Frasier tries to explain himself to Daphne, but she won't hear of it. Finally, he offers to have her entire room redecorated, and says he'll pay for it. After promising never to set foot in her room again, Daphne forgives him. Meanwhile, Frasier and Niles acting childish causes Niles to break something in her room. Martin is alerted, and the three of them start a comedy of errors, totally messing up Daphne's things. She returns suddenly and catches them, and in the last scene, Daphne is seen trying out a brand new convertible that Frasier has bought her. As the credits roll, Daphne is seen checking all the "hiding places" in her room for Cranes, and finding only Eddie, whom she promptly shoos.