Season 7 Episode 22

Dark Side of the Moon

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 11, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode we get to meet Donny's mother (and again in "Legal Tender, Love And Care", Season 8). In "A Tsar Is Born" earlier this season, we got to see his mother's wedding dress that she wore for her third wedding in Las Vegas, 1968. It's surprising that it would fit Daphne given the diminutive size of Mrs. Douglas; what's more, it's hard to believe that a woman of her nature would consider wearing such a dress. There also arises the question of why her name is still Douglas, since Donny was obviously born before 1968.

    • When Daphne hears Frasier entering the apartment, she sweeps Simon's beer and snack rubble off the coffee table so Frasier won't see it. A few seconds later, the same rubble is back on the coffee table and Daphne begins removing it piece by piece.

    • Daphne says she was tall for her age. In the first season episode "Selling Out", it is revealed that Daphne starred in a TV show as a schoolgirl, playing the "short, spunky one"! So was Daphne tall or small for her age as a child?

  • Quotes

    • (Back in in the therapist's room.
      Daphne is sat in revelation of her love)
      Daphne: My God! Dr. Crane...
      McCaskill: You know, it might be time to start calling him Niles.
      Daphne: This is confusing. I mean what about Donny? He's the man I love.
      McCaskill: Are you sure about that?
      Daphne: (crying) ...No. Oh, so many questions. What does this mean? What do I do?
      McCaskill: I'm sorry, but... our time is up!

    • (At Niles' apartment. Daphne flashes back to before the bridal shower. Niles answers the door to Daphne)

      Niles: Daphne, right on time. I'm glad you're here, come in. Let me take your coat. (he does so)
      Daphne: I brought the recipe.
      Niles: Hmm? Oh, for sticky toffee pudding... mmmm...
      Daphne: (suggestively) Well, that's why I'm here, isn't it? To teach you to make it.
      Niles: Yes.
      (Daphne gives a provocative knowing wink)
      Niles: You're not buying it, are you?
      Daphne: No, not really.
      Niles: So, do you know why I asked you here tonight? (they sit)
      Daphne: (flirting) I think I do. I mean, when a man asks you to his house to make pudding on a Saturday night...
      Niles: A pretty flimsy excuse, wasn't it?
      Daphne: Well, it got me here.
      Niles: I'm glad.
      (Niles touches his arm to which Daphne reacts with comfort)
      Niles: Make yourself comfortable.
      Daphne: All right.
      (Niles exits leaving a very nervous Daphne sat on the fainting couch
      and as before...Everyone jumps out yelling "surprise!" and rushes to meet her. From the way she gasps and bugs her eyes, we see her surprise is total. She's shaking like a leaf as Donny holds her. Niles, Mel, Frasier, Roz and Martin among others are there)

      Donny: Welcome to your shower, honey. Oh my God, you're trembling.
      Daphne: Yes, well, I'm absolutely blown away.
      Niles: Oh, come on, Daphne, you were on to us.
      Daphne: No, really, you had me completely fooled.
      As everyone crowds around Daphne, her attention is focused on Niles, who sneaks Mel a kiss)

    • McCaskill: There's something that confuses me just a little.
      Daphne: Yes?
      McCaskill: This dress that was ruined, you keep saying it was your favorite.
      Daphne: That's right.
      McCaskill: So, why were you wearing it at your bridal shower?
      Daphne: Well, it's a momentous event, don't you think?
      McCaskill: But you said it was a surprise.
      Daphne: Well, yes... (realizes) It was.
      McCaskill: So, just what were you expecting when you went over there?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Manchester United: Arguably the most famous British soccer club "Man-U" is included in this episode as a title card before Daphne and her brother are (re)united at her shower.

    • "Dark Side of the Moon" is probably a nod to the Pink Floyd album of the same name.