Season 7 Episode 22

Dark Side of the Moon

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 11, 2000 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • (At Niles' apartment. Daphne flashes back to before the bridal shower. Niles answers the door to Daphne)

      Niles: Daphne, right on time. I'm glad you're here, come in. Let me take your coat. (he does so)
      Daphne: I brought the recipe.
      Niles: Hmm? Oh, for sticky toffee pudding... mmmm...
      Daphne: (suggestively) Well, that's why I'm here, isn't it? To teach you to make it.
      Niles: Yes.
      (Daphne gives a provocative knowing wink)
      Niles: You're not buying it, are you?
      Daphne: No, not really.
      Niles: So, do you know why I asked you here tonight? (they sit)
      Daphne: (flirting) I think I do. I mean, when a man asks you to his house to make pudding on a Saturday night...
      Niles: A pretty flimsy excuse, wasn't it?
      Daphne: Well, it got me here.
      Niles: I'm glad.
      (Niles touches his arm to which Daphne reacts with comfort)
      Niles: Make yourself comfortable.
      Daphne: All right.
      (Niles exits leaving a very nervous Daphne sat on the fainting couch
      and as before...Everyone jumps out yelling "surprise!" and rushes to meet her. From the way she gasps and bugs her eyes, we see her surprise is total. She's shaking like a leaf as Donny holds her. Niles, Mel, Frasier, Roz and Martin among others are there)

      Donny: Welcome to your shower, honey. Oh my God, you're trembling.
      Daphne: Yes, well, I'm absolutely blown away.
      Niles: Oh, come on, Daphne, you were on to us.
      Daphne: No, really, you had me completely fooled.
      As everyone crowds around Daphne, her attention is focused on Niles, who sneaks Mel a kiss)