Season 11 Episode 21


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier offers Charlotte a ride to the train station, as she is headed to Portland to give a speech at a businesswomen's convention. She seems evasive when he tries tomake future plans, so he insists that she explain what is wrong. She tells him that she is moving back to Chicago in three weeks, and doesn't think they should keep seeing each other because it will just make saying goodbye more painful. Charlotte ends up missing her train as they talk. Frasier tries to get her to the next station on time, but doesn't make it. His car eventually breaks down in a desolate area. There is no cell phone service, so they have to seek the help of a very strange family. They wind up spending the night in the same room as the body of their host's mother, whose wake is the next morning. They agree they they have had so much fun, even under these disastrous circumstances, that they want to make the most of their last few weeks together. Meanwhile, Martin, Daphne and Niles are left very confused when interviews for Martin's temporary physical therapist, the Cranes' nanny and the stripper for Martin's bachelor party are scheduled for the same time.

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