Season 6 Episode 3

Dial M For Martin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1998 on NBC

Episode Recap

Roz and Martin are chatting in Cafe Nervosa, and Martin confesses that Frasier is really getting on his nerves of late, especially since he's been unemployed. Roz listens and then suggests that perhaps the solution is that Martin move in with Niles for a while. Niles shows up and Martin relays the idea to him. Niles is not at all enthused about his father coming to live with him, until Martin mentions that he'd need a room for Daphne, too. That catches Niles attention, and he tells Martin that he's sure it will work out.

Back at Frasier's place, Martin announces his moving plans to Frasier and Daphne; however, in the process Daphne learns that Martin was able to take the stairs himself and concludes that she is no longer needed as his therapist. Much to everyone's protest, especially Niles, she decides to look for work elsewhere.

In the meantime, Martin moves in with Niles and Daphne continues her job search. However, bizarre little accidents keep happening to Martin such as him tripping, falling, or slipping, and Niles always seems to be present when he's injured. Frasier begins to suspect that Niles is subconsciously creating a need for Daphne to stay by putting their father at bodily risk.

Finally, Daphne finds a job elsewhere and tearfully goes to retrieve some of her belongings from Frasier's place. Meanwhile, a terrified Martin decides to move back in with Frasier out of fear for his health when the incidents with Niles don't stop. Frasier is very perturbed to find them all knocking on his door, just as he's anticipating a romantic evening alone with a lingerie model. As all three of them - Daphne, Martin, and Niles - appear at his doorstep, all with different angst for different reasons, Frasier grows increasingly irritated. He and Niles are inside the living room discussing Daphne's departure when they hear their father hollering outside. Martin has slipped outside the elevator, completely on his own and without provocation from Niles, and wants Daphne. Niles and Daphne hover over him, while Frasier implores them frantically to get out of the way before his date arrives. He is still yelling when the elevator doors open and she appears, horrified to hear such a lack of compassion in his voice, even as he is standing over his incapacitated father. Without further discussion, she closes the doors and goes back downstairs.

The final scene in the credits shows Martin's chair being moved back into Frasier's place, Daphne sleeping on the sofa, Eddie prancing on the table, and Frasier observing it all, drinking the wine intended for his date straight from the bottle.