Season 6 Episode 17

Dinner Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 1999 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Frasier: Not exactly my wish list, but at least we've got the Ashbys.
      Niles: Allison Walburt can say what she wants, why should we care a whit about what anybody else thinks. Am I right?
      Frasier: Absolutely! (to Martin) Dad, do you think we're odd?!
      Martin: (tactical) No, you're not odd. You're just special! Your mother told me that when you were kids and I still believe it.
      Frasier: Yes, but do you think we spend too much time together?
      (They enter the kitchen)
      Martin: You're close, lots of brothers are close.
      Frasier: Yes, I suppose you're right about that. The Gershwins, the
      Wright Brothers...
      Niles: I told you we were getting upset over nothing.
      Martin: (laughs) Course, then there were the Collyer brothers!
      Niles: Collyer brothers?
      Martin: Couple of nuttos that shared an apartment in New York their whole lives. They even built a maze out of newspapers in there that only they knew how to get through. They collapsed on one of them and the other one just sat there with the dead body until the neighbors complained about the smell!(laughs) Pretty crazy story. (gets (beer) You recycle right, Niles? (exits)
      Frasier: You know, maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea if we went our own ways a bit more.
      Niles: It's possible we have grown a tad dependent on one another.
      (again takes a bit out of Frasier's jacket)
      Frasier: Perhaps this is just the warning we need. Today we're planning a dinner party... tomorrow we're wearing matching pajamas and washing each other's hair! Let's face it, Niles, we are one stone's throw away from becoming the neighborhood kooks! Right down to the local children ringing our doorbell and running away.
      Niles: Now Frasier, you are letting your imagination get the better
      of you. Come on, let's go make a seating chart.
      Frasier: You always know how to cheer me up.