Season 8 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with Frasier revealing the answer to "today's psychological mind-teaser". at KACL radio station to Seattle. When he is done Kenny comes in and tells Roz that she is allowed to do a documentary she requested to do about space. Roz then gives Frasier the job of Narrator of the show. The scene then changes to Niles and Martin who are planning on building a kite together. The scene then goes to Frasier being late to a meeting with Roz about the space documentary. He tries to make suggestions but Roz shoots them down immediately. Roz grows annoyed with Frasier meddling in her plan for the documentary. Roz gets mad and fires Frasier. The scene then changes to Niles and Martin working on their Kite. Frasier enters and is in a very bad mood about getting fired from Roz's show and being replaced by John Glenn. He says that he is going to prove that Roz fired him from the show because of him not his ideas. When Frasier leaves the room Niles uses the Kite on the balcony it is very hard for him to handle. The scene goes to the next day, Frasier asks John Glenn to present some of his ideas to Roz and he agrees. This is all part of his plot to get Roz to like the ideas that she thinks are John Glenn's but are actually Frasier's. The scene then goes to John Glenn in the radio booth with Roz he presents Frasier's idea and she likes it. Frasier then proves that Roz liked Frasier's ideas just not him being on the project. While they are arguing Glenn is revealing secrets about the space missions which no one is hearing. at the ending credits, there is a Close-up on the TV. A cable runs from the back across the floor. The camera follows it up to where it is looped around the handle of Martin's cane. Next to it, Martin is seated in his Armchair, looking at the TV and making hand signals. Next to the window, Niles stands very still with a rabbit-ears antenna, where the cable ends. He adjusts it very minutely, until Martin signals.