Season 8 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2001 on NBC

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  • John Glenn guest stars.

    Roz gets the go ahead for a space documentary, and asks Frasier to be narrator, but she soon begins to be threaten when she thinks Frasier is trying to take over, and rejects all of his ideas, and accepts them if they are coming from somebody else, so Frasier quits, or Roz fires him.

    Roz then hires John Glenn as Frasier's replacement, which Frasier is shocked, he then goes and talks with John to pitch he ideas to him and tells him not to tell Roz they where Frasier's ideas.

    Frasier later goes to the station, before the narration starts, and him and Roz have a big argument, both they agree that its not worth running their friendship, and both confess to and apologize for what they did.

    It was great seeing John Glenn on Frasier, he was the perfect choice to narrate Roz's space documentary, and he even shows that he has a great personality.