Season 9 Episode 1

Don Juan in Hell (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

Returning from his Caribbean vacation, Frasier can't rid himself of thoughts of Lana, the loud-mouthed and rough woman from his past, who's happened to have introduced him to his present girlfriend, Claire. To make matters more complicated, Frasier's father and brother simply adore Claire, and can not believe he'd even consider going back to the brash Lana.

Frasier finds himself consulting friends and total strangers alike for advice on what to do. When he runs into Lana unexpectedly at Cafe Nervosa, his commitment to continue seeing Claire wavers even further.

Finally, Frasier runs into a man while both are trying to reclaim their lost luggage, and the man recognizes Frasier and asks him for advice on an almost identical situation. Frasier asks the man who he sees himself spending the rest of his life with, and the man concludes even though it will mean breaking someone else's heart, he sees himself back with his ex, who admittedly was a handful. Frasier is overjoyed to hear it, because it cements his determination to end things with Claire and go back to Lana.

After an emotional break-up with the stunned Claire, Frasier heads over with Roz to a graduation party at Lana's house. He has just finished explaining to an understanding Lana that he broke up with her friend, when who should come through the door but Lana's ex...the very man whom Frasier met and advised at the luggage recovery office.