Season 9 Episode 2

Don Juan in Hell (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2001 on NBC

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  • Diane, Lilith, Hester and Nanny G all gather in Frasier's head to figure out his problem with women....

    This episode is a great little dream sequence. The four most important women in his life (Lilith, the mother of his child. Diane, his ex-fiance. Nanette, his first wife and of course Hester, his mother) all join forces in an attempt to figure out Frasier's problem with women (well they are all in Frasier's head but still).

    However, this doesn't go strictly to plan as they all argue (and Diane becomes a *tad* self-involved....she even paints a picture of Sam!)

    Once they settle their differences however, Frasier (and his femmes) come to realise that he is afraid of losing a good woman.

    This episode combines some of Frasier's past, including memories from his Cheers days and was a delight to watch.
  • The mother, the slacker, the barmaid, and the icicle pay Frasier a visit....

    After breaking up with Claire, Frasier pursuits Lana - but that falls through when her ex-husband comes back into the picture. After sour words with his father, Frasier takes off for the cabin to find solitude for his thoughts. Solitude is something that he definitely does not find however, as Frasier's mother, first ex-wife Nanette, ex-girlfriend Diane, and ex-wife Lilith come with him on his vacation as figments of his subconscious.

    Both parts of "Don Juan In Hell" are even smarter than most Frasier episodes and yet are also classic Frasier. Bebe Neuwirth, Shelley Long, and Rita Wilson all make hilarious guest star appearances in this episode and are its highlight. Frasier has to battle the four most important female relationships in his life as he tries to figure out why he always loses in love. Of course, none of these four women are the least bit normal and that makes "Don Juan In Hell" absolutely hilarious and one of the best episodes of Frasier.
  • Frasier comes to a decision about Claire and Lana.

    Frasier makes up his mind and decides he wants to be with Lana, so he dumps Claire, with to everyone including Claire is a big surprise.

    But after realizing that he and Lana are not meant to be, by telling her to talk to her ex-husband when he shows up at her house, Frasier takes a drive, and is visited by 4 woman from his past, Nanny G, Lilith, Hester, and Diane, and they all try to figure out why Frasier has a problem with women.

    After much debating and arguing they come to the conclusion that Frasier is afraid of losing a decent woman.

    The whole episode was funny, I like Frasier's reactions when all of those women showed up at the cabin door and he said that "its every woman he's every dated".