Season 10 Episode 11

Door Jam

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2003 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Martin and Daphne watch two episodes of popular 1970's detective series The Rockford Files which starred James Garner (Martin simply refers to the show as "Rockford"). They watch "the first ever episode" (the Pilot). As they watch the Pilot Daphne comments that Martin looks like Jim Rockford's father Rocky (who was played in the series by Noah Beery Jr). John Mahoney does bare a similar resemblance to the late Noah Beery Jr, however Beery did not play Rocky in the Pilot episode of Rockford, another actor named Robert Donely did, and he bears no resemblance to John Mahoney).
      When mentioning the second episode they watch Daphne says; "Tom Selleck guest stars". However, there is also reference to the fact that The Rockford Files was filmed in Malibu (Martin Crane gives separate trivia on the fact that comedy series M*A*S*H was filmed in the Malibu hills area). However, in the two episodes in which Tom Selleck guest stars on The Rockford Files, neither features any exterior shots of Malibu.
      When Martin is listing the reasons he and Jim Rockford are alike, Daphne adds "leisure suits". To be fair Jim Rockford never wore a leisure suit; he usually wore blazers and open collar shirts.