Season 6 Episode 20

Dr. Nora

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 1999 on NBC



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    • Frasier: Obviously, the station is so pleased with my show that they're looking for more of the same. They could hardly ask me to do another three hours. Imagine how exhausting that would be.
      Niles: And for you as well.

    • Nora: Is everyone around here as friendly as you two?
      Frasier: Well...
      Roz: (beelines for Nora's attractive assistant) Well, hello there!
      Frasier: Some are even friendlier. This is my producer, Roz Doyle.
      Nora: Doctor Nora. This is my producer, George.
      Roz: Nice to meet you. Follow me, I'll give you the lay of the land.
      Frasier: Let's just hope that's just a figure of speech and not a sales pitch.

    • Niles: I thought to bolster my self esteem, I would adopt this lavish new look.
      Frasier: Well, it suits you. Dashing and yet understated and uh - oh, I give up. What are we talking about?
      Niles: My mustache. (displays his upper lip with no visible hair whatsoever) I grant you, it's at an early stage.
      Frasier: What stage? Research and development?

    • Frasier: This is a woman who thinks the Spanish Inquisition was just tough love for heretics!

    • Dr Nora: (To an unheard caller) Listen to me, you should be shunning this woman, not rewarding her with gifts! God bless, honey! (Diconnects the caller and asides to George) A baby shower for an unwed mother -- now I've heard it all.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Frasier: (Speaking of Dr. Nora to Kenny) Putting that woman behind a microphone full time is like putting Typhoid Mary in a kissing booth!

      Typhoid Mary's real name was Mary Mallon. She worked as a cook in New York in the early 1900's. She was given the name "Typhoid Mary" because she was said to have infected everyone she came near, recklessly spreading the desease all over New York. In truth only 50 cases of typhoid can be attributed to her and only three deaths. She, herself, although a carrier of the disease, was never symptomatic.

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