Season 10 Episode 2

Enemy at the Gate

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2002 on NBC

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  • Frasier doing his thing.

    The fact that Fraiser isn't losing its touch even after full nine seasons is astonishing to me. It is one of the rare series which can still deliver in this year of airing. I didn't think this episode would be as satisfying as it was.

    Frasier was hilarious when he refused to get out of that parking garage, letting his principals rules over him and the parking guy. I loved the comments from Niles and Frasier's slow realization that he did the wrong thing, and it was funny when he destroyed the ramp upon finding out that he needs to pay more.

    The other part of the episode with Martin and Daphne was also very good. I loved how Martin showed his vulnerable side with explaining to Daphne that he's going to miss her by using Eddie. Also, probably the most hilarious part of the episode was the very end, when an unsuspecting Frasier talked about his car experience and didn't know that his listeners thought he was talking about having sex with Roz. Hilarious!
  • Frasier protests a two dollar parking ticket.

    Frasier enters a parking garage but realizes he will be late for work so he leaves but must pay two dollars, even though he came in and out, but Frasier instead of paying the two dollars parks his car until his twenty minutes are up.

    Throughout this whole ordeal there where a couple of times Frasier didn't have to pay, but he wouldn't move, Niles talks him into finally moving only he is past 20 minutes, and it doubled to 4 dollars, but instead of paying it he plows right through the gate, wondering why he didn't do that earlier.

    This episode shows just how stubborn Frasier really is, and as Niles put it, "forcing everybody to agree with him" which Frasier attends to do at times.
  • Frasier would rather protest than go to work.

    This is a great but overlooked episode. Frasier realizes that he is running late for work so he has to leave the mall's garage. Unfortunately, he can't leave unless he pays the two dollar parking fee and he refuses to leave until his twenty minutes are up. He finally decides to leave after giving a speech, only to find out his fee doubled. He rams through the gate, which was something he should've done beforehand. The best parts in this episode were Frasier speaking to the irate crowd and the end where he spoke of his recent experience even though the listeners are led to believe that he was talking about certain adult relations. I don't think I'm ever going to forget this episode.