Season 7 Episode 4

Everyone's a Critic

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

At KACL, Frasier is introduced to the station owner's daughter, Poppy. Before he can even kiss up to her, she responds to his charm with a lengthy monologue all about herself and how she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, her travels to Europe, etc. etc. Frasier can't get away from her, and finally the phone rings. It's Martin, and Frasier tells Poppy that he has an emergency and is finally able to get rid of her. Frasier asks Roz to take Poppy out to dinner in exchange for another favor, and Roz is glad to comply, not knowing what she's undertaking.

Back home, Frasier confronts the problem of Eddie having pounced on a neighbor's hamster which had gotten loose in the basement. Eddie, having learned to kill rats in the building and being applauded for it by Martin, went after the hamster and killed it.

Later, at Cafe Nervosa, Niles informs Frasier that to Niles' delight, he has been appointed editor of a column for a Seattle media outlet, and is in charge of reviewing theater productions and other cultural events. As Niles goes on about his talent and about his elite circle with which he's now hobnobbing, Frasier becomes increasingly envious. After diminishing Niles' new status as a critic, Frasier resolves to get his own outlet in which to become a culture critic. The two end up exchanging words, and Niles leaves Cafe Nervosa in a huff.

Frasier plots how to get his own role as a critic. When he brings the idea of hosting a radio program on up to Kenny, the station manager, Kenny promptly rejects the idea. Meanwhile, everyone at KACL is thoroughly annoyed with Poppy and her unending, annoying talking; however, no one can tell her what they think of her because she's the owner's daughter. When Frasier hears Poppy say that her mother is taking her shopping because Poppy's an only child and her mother can deny her nothing, he hits upon a scheme to have Poppy intercede for him to her mother on his behalf. He invites Poppy to see A Streetcar Named Desire with him that evening, and to come over for wine and hors d'oeuvres afterward. While Frasier replenishes Poppy's wine, he goes on and on about their two great, culturally-appreciative minds and how it's such a shame that more people in Seattle aren't enlightened like they. Poppy concurs in her usual shrieking tones and a disgusted Daphne observes her in disbelief. Finally, Frasier asks Poppy isn't it a shame that there is no radio program featuring theatrical and musical reviews, and Poppy agrees. Then Frasier suggests how great it would be if they hosted their own show at KACL, and wonders who would advocate it. As he drops more hints, Poppy finally catches on. Enthused, she dials up her mother immediately to propose the idea. Her mom initially rejects the idea, then relinquishes after Poppy begs her and whines that she "really, really wants this." Frasier is triumphant, and when Niles drops by a moment later to pick up a copy of Frasier's Streetcar Frasier rubs it in his face that Niles can't have it because Frasier needs it for his own show. When Martin comes in a moment later with a heavily sedated Eddie, Poppy's annoying chatter causes Martin to close the door in her face as she leaves. Martin is already in a bad mood because Eddie's "murder" of the neighbor's hamster has been discovered, and some of the other tenants believe that that is grounds for Eddie to leave.

The next morning, Frasier is all excited about his chance to do the radio review. He meets Poppy in the studio, and is surprised when she expresses nervousness about how to use the switchboard. To his horror, Frasier learns that Poppy has taken his suggestion to mean that she do the radio program. Before she goes on the air, Poppy gathers all the KACL staff around her and tells them that she was ready to leave KACL forever, but that Frasier convinced her otherwise. As everyone glares threateningly at a mortified Frasier, Poppy personally expresses how grateful she is to him, before going live on the air. As Poppy immediately makes a fool of herself in front of all of Seattle, the rest of the KACL employees look ready to do him bodily harm.

At Cafe Nervosa, a humiliated Frasier runs into Niles and tells him that he has full bragging rights. Niles confesses that he actually lost his job as a critic, due to angering an influential hair stylist in one of his reviews. Frasier and Niles both conclude that it must be the "jealous psychiatry gods" who want them to devote more time to their profession, because the public is suffering without their expertise. The two decide to have dinner together, all the while going on to the other about how he would have reviewed Streetcar.

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