Season 10 Episode 20

Farewell, Nervosa

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2003 on NBC

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  • Frasier leaves Nervosa after the owner hires a folk singer.

    After finding out his spending habits are out of control Frasier heads to Nervosa to think about it, only to find out that the owner hired a singer, so Frasier leaves and vows never to return taking a reluctant Niles with him.

    So they scour the streets in hopes of finding a new coffeehouse but what Frasier finds its that Julia is dating his accountant, whom is married.

    He confronts Julia with this information, but Julia informs him she already knows his married, and that they are having an affair, but after Avery takes a call from his wife Julia realizes that Frasier was trying to help and gets the folk singer a job, so Frasier could have his cafe back. Nice to see Julia thinking of someone besides herself for once, and shows that she can be a nice person.
  • With three guest stars crammed into one episode, not one of them stood out. Who's decision was it to put them all together?

    While there were some witty lines and well-tailored deliveries, the final product was somewhat bland.

    Alex Borstein did the best with the small amount of screen time. With a few more scenes with her dotted around the episode, it could have lifted the spirit of the episode.

    Conversely, Elvis Costello was in too many scenes. He had a fair share of screen time and did exactly the same thing in each one. The laughter during his scenes seemed forced and it certainly didn't evince even a smile from me. The humour was infantile at best and far beneath the show's usual standards.

    John Hannah's part seemed entirely two-dimensional. Enter stage left, line, kiss Julia, line, exit stage right. Nothing was believable about his character - not his affair with Julia, nor his acquaintance with Frasier, nor his merit as an actor to be in this show.

    Aside from these three, there was very little left to the show apart from filler. Although actually, some of the filler bit parts shone brighter than the guests.