Season 7 Episode 2

Father of the Bride

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 1999 on NBC



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    • Daphne : Dr. Crane, I really need to talk to you.
      Frasier : Well, of course, Daphne. But first, let's sample Porcinni mushrooms. They're exquisite.
      Daphne : But I don't like mushrooms.
      Fraiser: Oh, you only think you don't. You haven't tried these.
      Daphne : Dr. Crane, this is very difficult.
      Fraiser : Try this for me. Come on, you'll thank me later.
      Daphne : You'll thank me later? I've heard that my whole life! Well, no more! I'm doing my wedding my way! And if that means I want rice instead of doves, a DJ instead of a harp, then that's what I'll have! I don't want your advice, I don't want your money, and I don't want your mushrooms! I'm in charge of this wedding now! And what kind of a git walks down the aisle carrying something called pygmy orchids!

    • Frasier : Niles, does Sabrina laugh at everything you say, is she fascinated by everything about you, even your collections?
      Niles: Well, yes. Actually, I even showed her my rarely-seen collection of eighteenth century Portuguese bud vases.
      Frasier: And how did she react?
      Niles : Well, if you must know, she was rather aroused. She said she loved a man who collected porcelain and...(Finally realizing) Oh my god, I'm dating a whore.

    • Roz: When was the last time you found yourself staring at the bridesmaid instead of the bride? Frasier: That would have been at my wedding to Lilith.

    • Frasier: Just don't let your mother guilt you into having the wedding she wants instead of the wedding you want.
      Daphne: Oh, don't worry. Mum already promised me I could have the wedding I want, as soon as I have a daughter who gets engaged.

    • Niles: I am taking it slow with Sabrina.
      Frasier: You mean you haven't?
      Niles: Haven't?
      Frasier: You know..
      Niles: Haven't?
      Frasier: Haven't...
      Niles: Oh please, are you mad? You don't proposition a woman like that on the first date. Last night after dinner I dropped her off at home with nothing more than a courtly kiss on the wrist. Tonight may proceed to hand-holding, if all goes well, in two weeks I shall storm the citadel of her womanhood.

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