Season 10 Episode 22

Fathers and Sons

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 06, 2003 on NBC

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  • A gem in a maligned season.

    Conventional wisdom states that seasons nine and ten were the weakest in the long life of Frasier, but they contained some gems after all, such as this one. First of all, its main plot stems naturally from the basic set-up of the show. The writers didn't have to introduce a new element to come up with jokes. Everybody has wondered how someone like Martin could have wound up with sons like Frasier and Niles. The secondary plot (Niles and Daphne choosing a name for their not yet conceived child) ties in with the main one. It's a recognisable story, but becomes extra funny in the Frasier world.

    The casting has always been brilliant but I'm sure everybody must have slapped their forehead when they saw David Ogden Stiers together with Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce. How could we have missed this? Major Charles Winchester in MASH was the prototype for Frasier and Niles!

    But what I liked best was the performance of John Mahoney. The actors in Frasier are allowed to overact at times, especially during the annual farce episode, but realism tends to be the norm. Martin Crane's reactions to the idea that his two boys may not be his sons are underplayed but absolutely believable. One look can say more than a thousand words. Funny and touching at the same time.
  • Leland Barton Hester's old research partner returns to Seattle.

    Leland Barton comes to Seattle, and Roz is shocked at how much Niles and Frasier is like him, she accidentally tells this to Martin, who confesses to Roz that Hester, cheated on him once and is afraid she is right.

    Martin then watches the way Frasier and Niles interact with Leland, and decides to confront him about it, its then that Martin learns that Leland is gay.

    One of my favorite parts was the end when the people from the prep school where looking over the application for Niles and Daphne’s child and the name Ichabod Crane was the name Roz picked, nice gag.