Season 6 Episode 5

First, Do No Harm

Aired Unknown Oct 29, 1998 on NBC
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Martin fixes Frasier up with Duke's gorgeous daughter, Marie. Frasier soon begins to fear that the only reason Marie is dating him is to obtain free psychiatric advice.

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  • Frasier's finds his latest girlfriend's neurotic issues are both real and fabulous.

    One of the show's favorite themes was Frasier's spotty-at-best love life. Once again we're treated to a memorable girlfriend, this one portrayed by not-yet-desperate Teri Hatcher (already in the episodic comedy hall of fame for her "They're real and they're fabulous!" turn on Seinfeld). Marie has so many phobias, Hatcher gets the chance to do some nifty physical comedy as she avoids the view from the balcony and wipes off every doorknob.

    The story finds Frasier without a job and feeling down, while Roz has a new baby at home and can barely get herself together for a job interview. Martin takes pity on Frasier and offers to set him up with Duke's daughter. After the requisite reluctance on Frasier's party, he gets a look at the comely Marie and jumps head first into a relationship, one that seems centered around Marie's myriad neuroses. Niles suggests to Frasier that Marie is dating him for his psychiatric expertise, and it doesn't take long for Frasier to concur. He ends his relationship with Marie, but then when both Martin and Niles protest, he gives it another try. He finds out he's as attracted to Marie's issues as she is to his ability to help her deal with them. The result is a ballistic break-up.

    The secondary story of Martin pimping out Daphne and Roz on the balcony for his pal watching from a building nearby is forgettable. Roz's motor-mouth scene after she has coffee for the first time in weeks is short-but-sweet. And Niles is mostly the brotherly foil, keeping Frasier confused enough to keep us all entertained. This episode is really a showcase for Kelsey Grammer and Teri Hatcher, who both rise to the occasion and carry the daymoreless
Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer

Dr. Frasier Crane

Jane Leeves

Jane Leeves

Daphne Moon Crane

David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce

Dr. Niles Crane

Peri Gilpin

Peri Gilpin

Roz Doyle

Dan Butler

Dan Butler

Robert "Bulldog" Briscoe (seasons 4 - 6, recurring otherwise)

John Mahoney

John Mahoney

Martin Crane

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Here it is established that Frasier and Niles knew Marie as a child; therefore, they would have known Duke as well. But they met Duke for the first time in "Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye". So how could they have met Duke and Marie when they were children?

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Marie: Wait a minute. Am I crazy, or are you breaking up with me again?
      Frasier: Well, they're not completely unrelated. You see, you are a beautiful young woman and I have really enjoyed tackling some of these issues with you. It's just that I don't think that's the basis for a relationship. I think you deserve someone who appreciates all you have to offer.
      Marie: I don't believe this!
      Frasier: I just feel more like your therapist than your boyfriend.
      Marie: But I thought we were having such a good time together.
      Frasier: I'm afraid our time is up.

    • Marie: I guess I'm going a little nuts since I moved back in with my dad. Thank God I'm getting my own place next week.
      Frasier: Yes, I suspect that will help a lot. You know, very often, the key to mental health is distancing ourselves from our parents.
      Martin: (walking in the front door to the apartment while Frasier and Marie are on the couch) I'm home! Oh, hey, sorry to barge in on you kids.

    • Martin: Well, don't worry, I found a girl for you. Now, Duke's daughter Marie just moved back in town....
      Frasier: Dad, blind dates remain the refuge of the lovelorn.
      Martin: You know, if you didn't talk like that you might not have to get set up so much.

    • Frasier: Marie is a stunning woman with a body to die for, and you think all I'm interested in is her mind? How shallow do you think I am?

    • Frasier: I have the name of a specialist.
      Marie: Call him yourself! (She slams the door on her way out)

    • Frasier: I'm afraid this isn't gonna work.
      Marie: What?
      Frasier: Us. I'm afraid that...
      Marie: Wait a minute. Am I crazy, or are you breaking up with me again?
      Frasier: Well, they're not completely unrelated. You see, you are a beautiful young woman and I have really enjoyed tackling some of these issues with you, it's just that I don't think that's the basis for a relationship. I think you deserve someone who appreciates all you have to offer.
      Marie: I don't believe this.
      Frasier: I just feel more like your therapist than your boyfriend.
      Marie: But I thought we were having such a good time together.
      Frasier: I'm afraid our time is up.

    • Frasier: Of course it was! The hunter represents your feelings of anger and abandonment that you've been running from ever since your parents' divorce! Until now, you've been able to avoid those painful areas, sometimes hiding in the forest of repression! Now, your willingness to identify the hunter signals that you are now ready to, to reintegrate these complex emotions into a more cohesive self!

    • (He leaves the kitchen. Cut to the living room as Eddie rushes up
      and chomps down on his pants cuff. Frasier crosses the living room
      dragging him along)

      Frasier: Oh, oh, dear God! Unhand me you wretch! Oh, you vile creature! Oh, for God's sake, you miserable mutt! Niles, please! Throw him a Liv-A-Snap! Get off of me!
      (Cut to Frasier's room. Marie is on the bed, Frasier comes in, still
      fighting off Eddie)

      Frasier: Just let go of that leg, you, this instant!
      (Slams the door on the dog)
      Frasier: My father's best friend. Well, after your father.

    • Frasier: Dad, listen, I'm terribly sorry. I don't mean to cause a rift between you and your friend, but I couldn't continue with it. You see, once I confirmed that Marie was primarily interested in me as a sounding board for her problems, I just had to end it. Just as Niles suggested I should.
      (Martin, upon hearing this, smacks Niles on the shoulder, who hits
      Frasier, who hits him back)

      Niles: I never suggested that! No, all I said was that one of the things she might appreciate about you was your psychiatric expertise. For heaven's sake, if you were a world-class chef, she'd appreciate your cooking, if you were a stand-up comic, she'd appreciate your jokes.
      Martin: If you were a dermatologist, and she had a big growth comin' out of her face...

    • Roz: (very fast) Frasier! Frasier! You will not believe this! Little Alice said her first word today. It was "Ma." Or it may have been "moo." Mary, that's the sitter, gave her this little toy cow. She's always doing stuff like that. I love Mary. I love this little cow, too. It's the cutest little thing, it's brown and white, well that's a jersey cow, right? Well that's where Mary's from, Jersey. (to a passing waiter) Yeah I'll take a splash more! (he pours) You know, I stopped nursing yesterday and boy have I missed this stuff. Cup of mud, java, my old friend Joe - Oh, that's funny, Mary's husband's name is Joe. Oh, my God, he's picking her up, I gotta go, this has been fun, you look great, nice talking with you.
      (She rushes out)

    • Marie: You are so good at this. Much better than my therapist.
      Frasier: You have a therapist?
      Marie: Not anymore. Who can afford it? Anyway... You know, my hands are feeling much better, why don't we give that massage another shot? So I notice that I often have this dream right after I talk to my mother. Oh, your muscles are so tense! Is it just your neck, or is it all over?
      Frasier: (thinking of the relationship) It's all over.

    • (A waitress walks up behind Frasier)

      Frasier: It's a mean-spirited thought! Marie is not using me. She would want me just as much even if I weren't a psychiatrist. You know, you're jealous! You're jealous that I'm having sex! Jealous that I'm having hot, passionate, sweaty jungle sex! What are you having?!
      Niles: (to the stunned waitress) I'm having a latte.

    • Marie: Oh, wow! That is some view all right! Beautiful.
      Frasier: You're afraid of heights, aren't you?
      Marie: I'm taking classes. They give us these exercises to do, they just work better when you're standing on a little milk crate. Oh, I must seem totally neurotic.

    • Frasier: Is everything all right there?
      Marie: Oh, it's just a little quirk of mine. I like to keep things straight. You know, in parallel lines.
      Frasier: Yes, I noticed that earlier with the asparagus.

    • Frasier: Well, I had kind of a rough night at the wine club. During the blindfolded tasting, I gave four stars to a Mexican Zinfandel.
      Martin: Well, I don't just mean last night. You've been kinda down ever since you lost your job, you know? And you haven't had a date in I don't know how long.
      Frasier: Yes, well, I know how long, and this isn't the way to cheer me up.

    • Frasier: See that, Roz? The public still craves the kind of excitement that only Frasier Crane can provide. (Roz is asleep) Roz!
      Roz: I am so sorry. The baby kept me up all night long last night. I'm trying to get her used to her crib, but she just hates to sleep alone.
      Frasier: Well, the acorn certainly doesn't fall far from the...
      Roz: I have GOT to wake up. I'm on my way to an interview. I mean, I'd kill for a cup of regular coffee, but I'm still nursing so I can't. You know, it was all I could do just to get myself dressed and then feed the baby this morning.
      Frasier: Yes, you know, next time maybe you should try feeding first and dressing second. (He points to a large stain on her blouse)
      Roz: Oh, my God! How did I miss this?
      Frasier: Well... on the plus side, it does divert the eye from the blueberries in your teeth.
      Roz: What?! I can't go to this interview like this.
      Frasier: Of course you can.
      Roz: Oh, I'm just gonna call and cancel.
      Frasier: No, no, no, Roz, please! Just check your teeth, put your jacket on and I swear you'll look every inch the smart career gal on the go. There.
      (Roz gets up and organizes herself. Martin walks in)
      Roz: Thanks, Frasier.
      Martin: Hey, Roz. Is that the newest thing, wearin' two different shoes?

    • Customer: Dr. Crane. I just wanted to tell you how much I miss your show.
      Frasier: Oh, well thank you so much. I miss it too. Yes, the brisk interchange of ideas, the crackling interplay between me and my callers.
      Customer: (obviously haven gotten more than he wanted) Uh-huh.
      Frasier: Well, you're very kind.

  • NOTES (1)


    • The title, "First, Do No Harm", is one of the principal precepts all medical students are taught in medical school. It reminds a physician that he or she must consider the possible harm that any intervention might do. Contrary to popular belief, the phrase is not in the Hippocratic Oath. The closest approximation to the phrase that can be found there is "to help, or at least to do no harm".