Season 6 Episode 5

First, Do No Harm

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 1998 on NBC

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  • Frasier's finds his latest girlfriend's neurotic issues are both real and fabulous.

    One of the show's favorite themes was Frasier's spotty-at-best love life. Once again we're treated to a memorable girlfriend, this one portrayed by not-yet-desperate Teri Hatcher (already in the episodic comedy hall of fame for her "They're real and they're fabulous!" turn on Seinfeld). Marie has so many phobias, Hatcher gets the chance to do some nifty physical comedy as she avoids the view from the balcony and wipes off every doorknob.

    The story finds Frasier without a job and feeling down, while Roz has a new baby at home and can barely get herself together for a job interview. Martin takes pity on Frasier and offers to set him up with Duke's daughter. After the requisite reluctance on Frasier's party, he gets a look at the comely Marie and jumps head first into a relationship, one that seems centered around Marie's myriad neuroses. Niles suggests to Frasier that Marie is dating him for his psychiatric expertise, and it doesn't take long for Frasier to concur. He ends his relationship with Marie, but then when both Martin and Niles protest, he gives it another try. He finds out he's as attracted to Marie's issues as she is to his ability to help her deal with them. The result is a ballistic break-up.

    The secondary story of Martin pimping out Daphne and Roz on the balcony for his pal watching from a building nearby is forgettable. Roz's motor-mouth scene after she has coffee for the first time in weeks is short-but-sweet. And Niles is mostly the brotherly foil, keeping Frasier confused enough to keep us all entertained. This episode is really a showcase for Kelsey Grammer and Teri Hatcher, who both rise to the occasion and carry the day