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Barns and Noble has two for one tv box sets

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    Hello, just found the board and registered. Until the end of the month, Barns and Noble have a deal where you get two for the price of one on their tv box sets. I ended up getting seasons 5 6 7 and final for the price of two, and they even took the members discount, plus there's another promotion where you use your Mastercard for a purchase of $40 or more. So this gave another ten dollars off. So all in all, I got four seasons for $57. Plus my parents got me season 8 for Christmas. So now with the first four seasons already purchased a while back, all I need is season 9 and 10. Just thought those of you who might want to stock up would want to do so before this great deal goes away. I'm very happy with the deal. Grab a hot chocolate or coffee while you're there as well.


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    The Barnes & Nobel site dosen't list Frasier as one of the box sets that this deal can be claimed off???
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