Season 3 Episode 9

Frasier Grinch

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Visible through the window in the studio door during the Christmas party is a wall poster for Father Mike's show. Father Mike had been let go by Kate Costas earlier in the season.

  • Quotes

    • Bulldog: (wearing a Christmas hat with misletoe hanging on a wire above his face)Hey Roz, Guess what's over my head?
      Roz: Any clever remark?

    • (Frasier is opening the package he ordered)
      Frasier: Dad, I'm sorry, if Frederick's anything like me, the kind of toys he'll like to play with are... (he looks in the box, and is dismayed)...a kitchen set, a dollhouse and three kinds of Barbies! This is for a Franklin Crane from Kenibunkport. God, you realize what this means?!
      Niles: (deadpan) Yes. The Cranes in Maine have got your Living Brain.

    • Frasier: I ordered him the toy catalog, from the special section called "Gifts for the Gifted." I got him the junior astronomy set, and the geology lab...oh, and a fabulous thing called the "Living Brain." You get to paint each lobe a different colour, then you stuff it inside the Living Skull.
      Martin: Hey, you know what kids really like? They've been advertising it like crazy on TV. It's great. The Outlaw Laser Robo Geek. Its head lights up and it shoots death rays out of its eyes. (Frasier glowers at him) Yeah. A little like that!

    • Kid: Living Brain? What kind of dork wants that?
      Frasier: With any luck, the kind of dork who'll be operating on your prostate someday.

  • Notes

    • This episode marks Frederick Crane's first appearance in the series, played by Luke Tarsitano. Trevor Einhorn would play Frederick in later episodes. Frederick also made six appearances in Cheers making him the fourth character from that series to appear on Frasier (Lilith, Diane, and Sam appeared in earlier episodes).

    • At the 1995 Screen Actors Guild Awards, David Hyde Pierce won the award for Best Male Actor in a Comedy Series. Kelsey Grammer was also nominated in that category, and the cast was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

    • At the 1995 Golden Globes, Frasier was nominated for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy. In addition Kelsey Grammer won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy and David Hyde Pierce was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.

  • Allusions

    • Niles: (deadpan) Yes. The Cranes in Maine have got your Living Brain.

      This is a reference to the phrase "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain", which comes from the song "The rain in Spain"  in the musical "My Fair Lady". It is one of the speech exercises that Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering have been drilling Eliza Doolittle with when she finally gets it and the three burst into song, repeating the phrase and other exercises.

    • Frasier: That's enough, Tallulah. You're not fooling anyone.

      Frasier refers to Tallulah Bankhead (1902-1968), the American actress known for her exaggerated acting style.

    • During the opening scene in the Café Nervosa, a worker for the Salvation Army is seen using the pay phone and later talking to other patrons. The Salvation Army is know for its charitable work, especially at Christmas and their ubiquitous red kettle collection pots.

    • One of the title cards bears a reference to a Christmas classic. "A Mall and the Night Visitors" is a pun on Ahmal and the Night Visitors, a famous opera about a boy who encounters the Magi on their way to visit the Christ child, which was done on television as the very first "Hallmark Hall of Fame" that ever aired.

    • Episode Title: Frasier Grinch

      The title refers to the famous Dr. Seuss tale about how the Grinch "stole" Christmas.