Season 3 Episode 22

Frasier Loves Roz

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 07, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Roz has to leave to attend a wedding in Wisconsin, she dreads being "bridesmaid and not a bride". Frasier suggests she look for some substance instead of flash. And before leaving Roz dreads the green dress she has to wear, Frasier tells her it's for a few hours then she can donate it to the salvation army and some Irish drag queen will be very happy.

The following week Frasier meets Niles at the coffee house and runs into one of Niles' patients a guy named whom he says is a womanizer. When Frasier sees his latest conquest is Roz, he wants to tell her but Niles reminds him what he told him was in confidence.

The following day Roz shows up at Frasier's and is bragging about how happy she is with Ben. But Frasier tries to discourage her but to no avail. Later she speaks to Daphne about Frasier's attitude and Daphne thinks Frasier is trying to get Roz to dump Ben so that she could free for him. Roz tells her that's not possible because Frasier told to get a guy with substance instead of flash and Roz tells her that could be Frasier. And that she also overheard Frasier tell Niles on the phone that Roz's relationship with Ben is bothering him and she should she tell him. Roz then freaks out.

Later at the station Roz is nervous around Frasier. When Frasier overhears Roz tell her mom that she wants to tell Ben she loves.

Later he talks to Niles and wonders if there's a way he could tell her about Ben without compromising Niles. After looking over some psych books. Niles wishes Roz's was mentally incompetent cause it would mean they have grounds to protect her. He starts by asking Frasier if she's irrational and he says that she got violent at a vending machine when it gave her the wrong item. He asks if she's delusional and he says that she claims credit for the show's success. He asks if she's not very intelligent and he said she ordered a bottle of white Zinfadel. Niles says he should go to her.

Frasier arrives at Roz's and find her crying and in the bridesmaid dress she wore recently. It seems she did it--told him she loves him and he didn't reciprocate. Frasier tries to comfort her and thinks are going well until she blurts out that she knows he is attracted to her. He then leaves.

Later Roz is throwing out her bridesmaid dresses and giving them to the Salvation Army. The guy who picks them looks at the green one. Later Roz is out and sees the guy wearing it.
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