Season 6 Episode 2

Frasier's Curse

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • when Niles sees Frasier's head in the oven he assumes Frasier is trying to kill him self however Frasier states this is impossible because its an "electric oven" however the oven they have is clearly a gas oven and not electric.

    • Frasier says his bad luck comes every 5 years. It is currently 1998. 5 years before that is 1993, when he says Lilith left him. She left him in 1992. Frasier then says that 5 years before that Diane left him. This would put Diane leaving him at the altar in 1988, but she jilted him in 1985.

  • Quotes

    • Daphne: Hey, how was the police auction?
      Martin: Oh, you didn't miss anything. Especially when it started raining.
      Niles: I made out like a bandit! Those drug lords have the most incredible taste: Christofle silver, Limoges, Orrefors crystal. If I ever get married again, I'm going to register there.

    • Martin: Now, now, Frasier. Everyone has their ups and downs. You know, for all we know that cure for cancer didn't pan out either.
      Niles: (gives Martin a look, then deadpan:) One can only hope, Dad.

    • Niles: Please, you call that a tantrum? Maris used to do that once a week. The poor thing needed help slamming the door!

    • Frasier: Oh, Roz, you look beautiful! Roz: Thank you.
      Frasier: But we're not going!
      Roz: What?!
      Frasier: It's got something to do with my personal growth. You see, I don't care about these people anymore and you know, I want them to know it.
      Roz: Frasier, I hired a babysitter twice, I did my makeup twice, I performed a miracle of engineering by taping myself into this dress twice - only to be stood up twice!
      Frasier: Remember you only did your hair once! (Roz chases Frasier in fury)

    • Frasier: Roz, I can't go. You see, I have a curse on my head.
      Roz: What curse?
      Niles: He thinks the Fates are conspiring to humiliate him at every reunion.

    • Frasier: Roz, I'm so sorry, I completely forgot to call and tell you that, well, we're not going!
      Roz: Wait a second! I found a babysitter at the last minute. I got a new dress, I got Michelle to do my hair and just spent the last hour listening to the Estee Lauder lady describing her bladder operation just so I could get a free makeover. And now you're saying we're not going?

    • Frasier: Yes, it is. I'm sorry, I was admiring it and it broke apart in my hands. But you know, if your child is anything like mine, he'd be delighted to make you a new one!
      Rugley: Actually, my father made it after his stroke.

    • Rugley: You're....
      (Frasier thinks he's talking about his belt.)
      Frasier: I know, it's a bit risky. People have been commenting on it all day.
      (Frasier lets his jacket open, showing off his belt and we see that
      Rugley was in fact commenting on his open fly.)

      Frasier: It makes a bold statement, but frankly I like it! I came through the park on the way over here and it caught the eye of many a young lady!
      (Frasier looks down and, realizing, zips up).
      Frasier: Oh God, my fly! I thought you were talking about my belt.
      Rugley: Well, shall we start the interview?
      Frasier: Oh, good. We haven't started yet! Well...

    • Frasier: It is not folderol! Every time my reunion comes around, it coincides with a severe downturn in my life. Five years ago Lilith divorced me; five years before that I was left at the altar; five years before that I fell face first into the poison ivy! And here we are right on schedule, I'm freshly fired!

    • Niles: That was a very childish prank. Now you have ruined my coffee! If you can't behave like adults you shouldn't be coming to a grown-up café!
      Girl: It wasn't us!
      (Two middle-aged men start laughing - obviously it was them.)
      Girl: Aren't you going to yell at them?
      Niles: They'll have already heard me yell at you.

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