Season 11 Episode 14

Freudian Sleep

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2004 on NBC

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  • The Cranes travel to the mountains.

    Frasier and the others travel to the mountains where each one of them have a weird dream Daphne was having one where Niles was sleeping with other women and she was gaining weight, Martin's included a song and dace number, Niles has a dream about being a bad father, and Frasier has dreams about his show, and that he killed Niles and married Daphne.

    I liked the setting for Niles dream it looked like something out of a cartoon, and Martin's song and dance thing was pretty funny, though the one that shocked me was Frasier's when he dreams that he married Daphne, and killed Niles but finding out that its not any harbored feeling he has for Daphne but that he envies Niles' life, though when I first saw the scene and Frasier and Daphne kiss, i was thinking "this can't be real".
  • brilliant episode

    best episode ever!