Season 1 Episode 19

Give Him the Chair!

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 1994 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Martin describes the vibrating function on the new chair as "disgusting", but in season one episode 'The Good Son' he says his old chair needs an extension cord to plug in the vibrating part. Of course, the new chair has a "shiatsu" massage setting--and vibration and a "shiatsu massage" are eons apart!

    • Early in the episode, Martin puts a piece of tape on the seat of his chair, before Frasier accidentally gets it thrown out. However, later on, when Frasier gets the chair back (and in later episodes), that piece of tape is missing. It's possible it was ripped off, of course, but wouldn't Martin have replaced it again if there was a hole in the chair?

  • Quotes

    • (a necklace slips down Daphne's blouse)
      Niles: Just call me butterfingers.

    • Leo: "Dump the chair!" "Get the chair!" "Find the chair!", what am I? The building lackey?!
      Frasier: (angry) YES!
      (after a second)
      Leo: (accepting it) Oh, okay.

    • (Eddie is barking)
      Frasier: What is the matter with him?
      Daphne: He saw your father's chair was gone, and he's afraid it means your father's gone too. I think he suspects foul play.
      (Eddie keeps barking)
      Frasier: Oh, stop it! If I had stuck Dad's feet into a bucket of cement and thrown him into Puget Sound, you would have been the tiny little splash that followed him!

    • Frasier: By tonight my dad will be safely back in his beer-stained, flea-infested, duct-taped recliner, adjusting his shorts with one hand and cheering on Jean-Claude van Damme with the other. Yes, it's quite a little piece of heaven I've carved out for myself, isn't it?

    • Frasier: So Roz, any update on the chair?
      Roz: Oh yeah, the calls have been pouring in.
      Frasier: Really? And what are they?
      Roz: Well, so far it's been spotted at the top of the Space Needle, in the Governor's Mansion, and a man on Lake Stevens said he saw it flying over his house, but he thought it was just a spaceship from a tacky planet.
      Frasier: (on-air, to his listeners) Funny stuff, Seattle.

    • (Daphne tries the Shiatsu option on the new recliner)
      Daphne: This is comfy. Although it's a little on the soft side. I prefer... (Frasier switches it on and Daphne becomes orgiastic)HELLO! ... ohh... ohh... ohh... this is enough to make me give up me search for a meaningful relationship.
      (the front door starts to open)
      Frasier: Oh, quick, quick, that's Dad. Get out, get out, get out.
      Daphne: (annoyed) Oh, all right. Just like a man – now you've had your fun, you don't care where I am!

    • (Frasier and Niles see an ugly purple plaid recliner)
      Frasier: Oh, dear God. Can you imagine anyone would have something like that in their living room?
      Niles: It looks like someone upholstered it in golf pants.

    • (Frasier and Niles are shopping for a new recliner)
      Niles: Dear God, Frasier, we've stumbled upon Hell's waiting room.

    • (Frasier and Niles are shopping for a new recliner)
      Frasier: "Lazy-guy." I wonder what they call the deluxe model? The "Hopeless Slack-Ass?"

    • Frasier: I think Maris is rather attractive--in a minimalist sort of way.

    • (It's Maris' birthday)
      Niles: I'm hiding her gift here.
      Martin: Oh, it's getting that time again, huh? Well, I guess I'm gonna have to get her something. It's too bad, I just got back from the hardware store. Saw a great-looking ratchet set.
      Frasier: As if there's anything left on her that needs tightening.

  • Notes

    • Roz's "tacky planet" line is strangely prophetic: eight years later, when the original chair was deliberately destroyed in the episode "Bla-Z-Boy," the technical crew had a hard time finding the right material for the replacement they built, until one of them spotted it on an old set from the original Star Trek.

  • Allusions

    • Frasier tells the dim-witted building handy man Leo to hurry along because Beavis will be wondering where he is. This is a reference to Mike Judge's Beavis and Butthead cartoon, which dealt with two teen age losers who were considerably lacking the brains department.