Season 6 Episode 11

Good Samaritan

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 1999 on NBC

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  • No good deed goes unpunished, especially if you're Frasier Crane.

    This episode has no shortage of jokes and plot twists that constantly prove why "Frasier" is one of the greatest comedies ever. One day, Frasier does all these good deeds for people and they all end up going awry. By mistake, he picks up a prostitute from the rain and is sent to jail. Martin has to bail him out and then the media has their heyday with this awkward turn of events. The plot was very funny and yet so true. Often times, someone will help the world with a problem and yet they are criminalized for not being completely aware of something else that doesn't even matter. This episode ranks up there with "Frasier Crane's Day Off" and "The Innkeeper."