Season 11 Episode 25

Goodnight, Seattle (2)

Aired Unknown May 13, 2004 on NBC
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The series finale of Fraiser finds Martin and Ronee on the verge of matrimony, and Niles and Daphne preparing for labor. Meanwhile, Frasier prepares for his career in a new city.

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  • Oh dear!

    Now when Frasier first came on it was a fairly clever comedy. Intelligent jokes, a neurotic pair of psychiatrists, and of course Eddie. It ran for 11 years which, having watched this episode was clearly too long a run.

    For such a clever written and funny show this is a mish mash of events. Roz gets sweeeped to the side (not that this didn't happen throughout the run) with a ludicrous 'oh your in charge of the radio station now' story - they could have done better there. Daphne gives birth at the vets, granted funny but more trash humour than Frasier humour.

    Having said this though I do like the will he won't he end.......some small saving graces I guess. All in all Friends was a much better end.moreless
  • Though not as good as some finales that I have seen before, I will always hold this episode very close to my heart.

    This episode, while I do not think it was the best episode of Frasier, was definitely one of the most memorable.

    The one thing that truly made this episode shine was the progression of the characters. Martin's marriage, Daphne and Niles' child and Roz's new job showed just how much these characters' lives have been affected (positively, of course) by Frasier. Niles would never have met Daphne, Martin would never have met Ronnie, and they would never have been as happy as they are now. Also, his goodbyes to the family, where each character tries to be the person they were in the first few series (Martin's awkward jokes, Niles' stiff handshake and Roz's quick acceptance of the facts) while their true feelings are clearly breaking out is truly heart-warming. In particular, the tears in Martin's eyes as he says goodbye to the son who has loved and cared for him for eleven years, as opposed to his original gruffness brought tears to my eyes, along with Niles' final line 'I'll miss the coffees'.

    Indeed, I will always remember this episode as the one where everything and everyone turned out fine, because of Frasier.moreless
  • The best series finale ever

    I mean it!

    Nothing could've made this better. Nothing "closes". Everything moves on.

    Martin gets married, Niles and Daphne have a child, Roz has a promotion, Frasier grows a pair and pursues the one relationship he hasn't picked and proded beyond recognition.

    I love that we don't know about this last piece of information until the very last minute of the show. The surprise of it all, the delight of knowing and not knowing. We don't know that she's there for him, we don't know if he'll be alright. We don't know...but we do. At least we hope we do because we want this old kid to settle down and be happy, finally.

    I miss you Frasiermoreless
  • Goodbye Frasier.

    So, once again, another show ends. It's bittersweet for me because I've been watching quite a few shows, and this was a very long journey full of laughs, drama and overall great fun. I will always remember Frasier, his family and friends.

    The last episode was very good for me. I didn't expect something of way too much quality, because I always loved this show no matter what. Daphne giving birth at the vets was fine; maybe it felt a bit rushed, but overall it provided great scenes. I even like the fact that Roz became the new station manager, and that Frasier realized that he has to move on.

    It was almost as if I felt what he was feeling when he was left alone in the apartment realizing that Martin and Niles both had their lives full, while he had no one. That's why I like that his plane landed in Chicago. The goodbyes were bittersweet. I will miss Frasier - but I guess I'll always have my DVDs to turn to when I need a doze of quality humor.moreless
  • Awesome ending

    The finale to Fraiser was truly great, even though most of the episodes in the final season bored me the final 2 episodes more than made up that.

    Fraiser finally finds true love but she's leaving for Chicago & he for San Fransisco, but I'm glad he chose love over fame & fortune.

    Niles is finally happy when his family is completed with the birth of his son, David. (On Eddie's birthday!)

    Roz finally gets the promotion she's been waiting for all these years (and Noel finally gets the kiss he's been waiting for from Roz)

    Marty finally gets married.

    Even though I'm glad Fraiser found the love of his life I always expected him & Roz to hook up in the end.moreless
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