Season 4 Episode 18

Ham Radio

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

KACL's 50th anniversary is approaching. Frasier finds out that the station originally used to broadcast Radio Dramas- after speaking with the station manager, he had been given 30 minutes to recreate the very first mystery they had ever aired, "Nightmare Inn"- with Frasier himself directing it.

After his show the following day, Gil comes in and requests the part of the Gamekeeper. While denied that, he is allowed to portray Nigel Fairservice, a former member of the Air Force removed under 'mysterious circumstances'. Bulldog follows him saying that his girlfriend Maxine would gladly play a character- so, Frasier gives her a short line. Before even walking out of work that day, he decides that he would take the main role of the story. Additionally, he gets a man by the name of Mel White to play any remaining characters.

Immediately, problems begin to arise. At the rehearsal, Maxine is absent due to food poisoning. Gil is upset that one of his lines was removed, although he manages to get over it. Roz keeps time and Daphne gives the stage directions. After several other minor complications, they get through one rehearsal- and run long. Before they can attempt a second, Mel is angered to the point of leaving- leaving Frasier with only Niles to play the remaining parts.

The night of the broadcast, Niles shows up, but according to Frasier, Niles works best without rehearsal- and Frasier refuses to show him the lines until the show starts. Bulldog reveals that his girlfriend is Dyslexic. To top it all off, Roz walks in with the announcement that she just returned from the dentist, and her Novocaine hadn't yet worn off.

During the broadcast, everyone has trouble with their parts- Roz's Novocaine makes it hard to understand what she is saying, Bulldog gets stage fright, and refuses to speak. After that, everything seemed to be looking up- or so they had thought. Frasier cuts Gil's "Boyhood in Surrey" speech, which he had been looking forward to the whole night. Maxine's part passes, and naturally, she mixes up the key word in her single line. Gil tries to give his speech anyway, surviving two bullets and trying to play several unplanned characters (Such as Nigel's brother, and the Ice Cream Man) in an attempt to give the speech.

Finally, they get to Niles' part, and he just gives up. He starts popping balloons, killing off the entire cast of the story one by one- ending with himself. After the show is over, they end up running nine minutes short due to all of the lines that ended up being removed.

The show ends with Noel cleaning up the control room. Roz sneaks up behind him, and pops a balloon, startling him and causing him to fall to the ground.