Season 4 Episode 18

Ham Radio

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 1997 on NBC

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  • So much better than the average episode

    The best Frasier of all. Everyone is absolutely hysterical !!!
  • This is definately one of the funniest episode's in season four.

    This was a really good episode of Frasier. It shows just how well Frasier works when, there's only afew setpieces.
    The final performance of "Nightmare Inn" was so funny and the dyslexic Maxine with her "nug" was definately a laugh out loud moment.
    An episode that stands among the best.
    The very funny banter between Roz and Frasier;
    ROZ: I can't believe that any of my guests could be a mobboba mobbobo.
    FRASIER: That's easy for you to say.

    In review, I thought this episode was extremely well written and showcases the show at it's many peaks.

    I continue to watch with great excitement.

    Roll on Season Five...
  • Fraiser puts on a classic radio drama resulting in the mutiny of his supporting cast.

    This is one of my favorite episodes, funny and inventive! For the radio station, Frasier puts on a classic radio drama. He voices the Inspector in a tale about a dark, stormy night, murder gone nutty. Niles plays 6 characters of varying accents. Roz arrives with Novocain mouth and Bulldog's dyslexic girlfriend is nervous about her one line...that she, in turn, mispronounces. Frasier drives Niles crazy with acting tips and one of the supporting cast just won’t die. Frasier always pushes his luck and loses his cast, in some cases, before they get the chance to be murdered. Hilarious episode and one of my favorites!
  • Frasier's terrible directing makes for a very funny episode!

    The radio station is putting on a play called "Nightmare Inn" and Frasier has to direct it. All of the actors practice their parts at Frasier's apartment and it soon becomes hellish with his tyrannical directing. The star actor quits so Frasier has to hire Niles on very short notice. The play is broadcast live on the radio and everything that could go wrong, does. Roz can't speak because she was just at the dentist, Bulldog gets too nervous to say anything, a violent bloodbath ensues when Gil refuses to give up his speech, and a dyslexic person warns everyone with "Watch out, he's got a nug!" Everything humorous that could've happened, did happen. Watch this episode.
  • Frasier acts in and directs an old radio play with predictably dismal results.

    I actually bought the Season 4 DVD so I could watch this episode (and others from the season) whenever I chose. This was before my DVR days, but what the heck. I first saw this episode on AFN (American Forces Network) TV when I lived in Germany, and I taped it for my husband, who was in Bosnia at the time. He didn't find it quit as side-splitting as I did. Kelsey Grammer as Frasier is in fine form, splitting hairs, directing everything (and everyone) to death, and spouting bon mots left and right. He and David Hyde Pierce as Niles just bounce the zingers off each other with no effort at all. This was a laugh-out-loud funny episode, a real screamer. The scene where Niles finally had had enough of his brother's direction, even after he had warned Frasier to knock it off, was priceless. Within 30 seconds, his radio character had killed everyone off, ending the play with 9 minutes to spare, and causing the studio audience to howl with laughter. Pride definitely goeth before the fall, and Frasier is nothing if not proud. What a riot. The episode shown on TV is cut (to allow for more commercials), so I don't bother watching when it's on my local station. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it!
  • Perfection

    "Ham Radio" is the perfect episode. No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh until it hurts time after time.
  • Essentially Frasier's funniest ep

    I do not know where David Lloyd produced this piece of magic from. It is pure genius, brillant mulit-layered comedy that creates laugh after laugh. The plot involves frasier attempting to direct a play for radio 'nightmare inn'. However everything that could possibly go wrong on the night does.

    'multiple murder' becomes 'multiple muddadaa'
    'AHHHHH omg he's got a gun' becomes 'ahhhh omg he's got a NUG!!.'

    Niles is hilarious. Fed up with Frasier's 'directing' he ends the play 8 minutes earlier by killing all the characters and then himself.
    'I'm running out of bullets'

    'Oh no we have lost all communication with the outside world' Phone rings hahahahha.

    Brillant episode. RIP David Lloyd
  • So, as you can tell, this is one of the best episodes of any TV show ever.

    "Ham Radio" is one of those episodes that just screams "One of a kind!". In this episode Frasier's radio station (KACL) is having a 50th anniversry, and they picked him to direct an old radio drama--"Nightmare Inn". During rehearsals, Frasier hired a professional voice actor who had performed on Broadway and the London Theater. He is eventually forced to quit because Frasier keeps over analyzing every little detail. Then he goes to his brother, Niles, to voice all of the actor's parts. Then after many funny jokes toward the end, Frasier also pushes Niles over the edge and greatly shortens the play by killing everyone 10 minutes before the play was over.
  • The funniest episode ever been shown on TV EVER!!

    Ham Radio. What can I say? A true remarkable episode. I have three favourite eps and this ranks among them (the other two being Frasier Grinch and Daphne Hates Sherry). I first saw this episode on Paramount in 2005 and I was laughing my head off!!! I spilt ginger beer down myself!! The episode starts off very well, with Niles predicting that ''in the end [Frasier] will end up re-writing the script, playing the main part and over-direct!". The rehearsal at Frasier's apartment is also hilarious. Frasier undermining Daphne and have higher standards than the broadway are classic. The final climax scene in which everything goes wrong during the reading is great, with Martin & Daphne listening in! A brilliant episode; one of the best ever, if not the best.