Season 4 Episode 18

Ham Radio

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 1997 on NBC

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  • Frasier's terrible directing makes for a very funny episode!

    The radio station is putting on a play called "Nightmare Inn" and Frasier has to direct it. All of the actors practice their parts at Frasier's apartment and it soon becomes hellish with his tyrannical directing. The star actor quits so Frasier has to hire Niles on very short notice. The play is broadcast live on the radio and everything that could go wrong, does. Roz can't speak because she was just at the dentist, Bulldog gets too nervous to say anything, a violent bloodbath ensues when Gil refuses to give up his speech, and a dyslexic person warns everyone with "Watch out, he's got a nug!" Everything humorous that could've happened, did happen. Watch this episode.