Season 8 Episode 15

Hooping Cranes

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 2001 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Frasier, Niles and Martin go to a Supersonics game, where Niles gets to make a half-court shot during halftime.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Niles makes a half-court shot at a game.

    An incredible performance from one of television's greatest actors of the 90's David Hyde Pierce. The scene with him trying to put on a jersey was just classic, sophisticated Frasier.

    Rarely will you see such a good show that still has fresh topics to tackle in its 8th season, but Frasier is one of those rare cases. Seeing the Cranes handle sports truly was compelling television down to the final scene with Niles and Frasier playing an arcade basketball game.

    The show is just so smart and witty, yet can use prop humor better than sitcoms that heavily rely on it. Just another great episode of one of TV's best.moreless
  • Niles makes a basket at half court, and lets it go to his head.

    Frasier gets tickets to a Sonics game, and takes his dad and Niles with him, throughout the game Frasier and Niles get bored, play a game and constantly switch seats, but when Niles' seat number is called, he goes down to the court to make a shot at half court, and he makes it.

    Frasier is happy for Niles at first, but then Niles starts getting gifts, and starts telling the story, stretching it each time he tells it.

    Frasier gets fed up with it, and challenges to a free throw, and Frasier's theory that Niles' free throw was just luck, proves right, and he loses all creditability.

    Great episode, I love the ending, where Niles and Frasier try and make baskets and one of the balls hits Martin's drink, just as he gets it causing him to have to buy another one, pure classic.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • (Frasier has just handed Martin 4 Sonics tickets)
      Martin: Looks like I owe you an apology.
      Frasier: An apology?
      Martin: Well, last October you said we would go to a game together, but I thought that was just a lot of talk.

      This refers to the October episode, "The Bad Son", in which Frasier, in telling Martin he doesn't want him to move to the retirement home, says that he wants them to do more things together, including going to Sonics games.

    • The music that is playing while Niles is attempting his half-court shot is "Sirius" by The Alan Parsons Project.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Niles has received a gift packet from the Sonics)
      Niles: (To Frasier) Oh, Frasier, don't grouse. I've earmarked a pair of practice pants for you.
      Frasier: Thank-you Niles, but I'd like to think I've already mastered pants.

    • Frasier: Yes, yes! The story is, 'Once upon a time, Niles Crane accidentally made a basket, The End!'

    • Martin: Is this a great boy, or what? You sure I can't pay you for this beer?
      Bartender: Hey, your money's no good here. 'Half-Court' Crane's dad doesn't pay for drinks.

    • Frasier: You may join me if you wish, Roz. Be forewarned, I am feeling a bit peevish.
      Roz: (sitting) Oh, for God's sake, you're like Goldilocks with that latte. 'This foam is too hard, this foam is too soft'...
      Frasier: No, this is not about latte foam, Roz! Ever since Niles made that basket, his head's been getting bigger and bigger.

    • Roz: Wow, Niles! You finally made varsity after thirty years, huh?
      Niles: Yes, but it's not a real varsity jacket, Roz, so you're under no obligation to sleep with me.

    • Frasier: Now entering the apartment, a 5'9'' psychiatrist from Seattle, Niles Crane!
      Martin: Yahoo! (as Niles hangs up his coat) He shakes, he bakes, he drives to the coat rack, he takes an arm out of the sleeve, he puts it up...and IT'S GOOD!
      Niles: Thank you, Dad.
      Frasier: (pouring sherry) Glass of sherry, Niles?
      Niles: Please.
      Martin: (as Niles takes the glass) He holds the glass, goes up to the sherry...IT'S GOOD!
      Niles: OK, Dad!
      Frasier: Gosh, Niles, you making that basket tonight was truly astonishing. And what's even more unbelievable is that you are now the proud owner of a rugged, ram-tough, all-terrain pickup truck.
      Niles: It occurred to me we could use it to go antiquing.

    • Frasier: I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with 'V'.
      Niles: (looking around)Vagabond.
      Frasier: No.
      Niles: Vittles.
      Frasier: No.
      Niles: Vienna sausages.
      Frasier: Where do you see Vienna sausages?
      Niles: Well, I thought maybe that vendor might.. oh, oh! Vendor, vendor!
      Frasier: Excellent, Niles! Your turn.

    • Frasier: Well, uh, (the doorbell rings) they're for, uh, Niles and Daphne, of course. But, um, I made the arrangements so long ago I didn't anticipate Daphne going for her master's degree at the Fat Academy.

    • Roz: Well, can't use 'em anyway. I have a date with this French guy.
      Frasier: So that's it, huh? No Americans left.
      Roz: That's very funny. You know, I hope it goes well, because he doesn't speak any English, and the only French I know is 'oui' and 'non.'
      Frasier: I suppose you'll just be using one of those.
      Roz: Before you get too clever, you're the one who's going out with his brother.

    • Niles: It's like those family road trips Dad used to drag us on. Uncomfortable seats, sticky floors, underlying threat of violence.
      Frasier: However did we get through those?
      Niles: Games, mostly. License plate spotting, I Spy, throwing up.
      Frasier: You know, Niles, that wouldn't be so much a game as an activity.

    • Frasier: Well, actually Niles and I are already having a boys' night out. We're gonna go see the Northwest Chamber Ensemble's Spring Sing. After that, a late dinner at Le Cigare Volant!
      Roz: Ooh, throw in a couple of strippers and that still sounds boring.

  • NOTES (4)


    • The title for this episode is a variation on a phrase from Season One's "Travels With Martin", namely, "The Whooping Cranes". What's more, when Frasier and Niles first arrive at the basketball game, they compare the experience to the tedium of road trips with Martin.