Season 6 Episode 4

Hot Ticket

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1998 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Roz: Oh, a friend of mine couldn't use hers, so she gave them to me. I asked my cute new dentist, he's a big fan of Sir What's-his-face.
      Frasier: You refer to the world's greatest living actor as...
      Niles: Now, now, Frasier. Roz may not be familiar with Sir Trevor, but I'm sure she'll enjoy the play. I trust you got good seats?
      Roz: (taking the tickets out to check) Ooh. I think so. Row C?
      Niles: Row C. Excellent. (then) Look, a whole bunch of naked men.
      (Roz turns around and Niles grabs the tickets in her hand but she
      doesn't let go)

      Roz: What are you doing?
      Niles: Give me those, you philistine! You don't even know his name!
      Roz: Are you crazy?!
      (She kicks him in the shin, causing him to yelp "Ouch!" and let go of the tickets. Roz's date walks up)