Season 6 Episode 4

Hot Ticket

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1998 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Daphne: Look!
      Martin: (laughing) Oh, my gosh! Is that you?
      Daphne: Yes!
      Frasier: Well, good heavens, it's kind of hard to tell. You've got your back turned to the camera, your skirt's blown up around your...Oh, well, it must've been rather blustery out.
      Daphne: I was in the park yesterday, and this photographer snapped my picture for the 'It's Your Seattle' column - the one where they show some average person out and about, then use their name on the column. For instance, if they used a picture of Mr. Crane, the caption would read 'Martin Crane's Seattle.' Or if they took one of you it would say 'Frasier Crane's Se-'
      Frasier: Yes, we get it.
      Daphne: Well, don't crinkle it, I want to send it home to my family.
      Martin: You sure about that?
      Daphne: Oh, don't be such an old fogey. So I'm bending down and me knickers are showing a bit, but my family'll still be proud as peacocks when they see that: 'Daphne Moon's Seattle.'

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