Season 8 Episode 14

Hungry Heart

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2001 on NBC

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  • Fraiser tries to save his boss's marriage.

    Kenny is having marriage problems, and after awhile finally lets Frasier try and help him, but nothing seems to be working, and Frasier ends up dating Kenny's wife, only he does not know it’s his wife.

    Daphne is having problems of her own she has been eating so much that she has gone to hiding food in little places, but after Frasier catches her, she finally admits that she had gained a bit weight, and gets help with it.

    Frasier ends the relationship with Kenny's wife, and Kenny gives up and starts hanging out with Martin, until he finds out that his wife is not cheating and decides to give it another chance.

    My favorite line of the episode was Martin’s line to Daphne. Martin: (To Daphne) I just though of something funny, it took three cranes to lift you. That was pretty funny.
  • "I don't blame you - I blame the people at Mantastic!"....

    "Hungry Heart" is a terrific Frasier episode. KACL station manager Kenny, subsequently radio psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane's boss, comes to Frasier's doorstep with a big problem: he is a married man and yet recently made a date with another woman. Frasier offers to go down to the restaurant were the two were to meet and cancel for him, so that Kenny does not do something stupid and ruin his marriage. Too late: Kenny's wife finds out and gets to the restaurant before Frasier - and getting rid of Kenny's date, Janis, she angrily waits for Kenny. Frasier gets to the restaurant to find Kenny's wife at the table - of whom he mistakes for Janis - and ends up making a date with her. Hilarity ensues for 20 minutes.

    If you could not guess, "Hungry Heart" involves plenty of humorous ignorance on the part of Frasier and a hilariously stressed out Kenny, but it also features a very funny gag between Roz and Frasier and also sets a season eight story arc involving Daphne's weight. An obviously pregnant Jane Leeves plays an ever expanding Daphne (Niles is of course oblivious to her condition) who has grown to such a size that it catches the attention of Frasier and Martin (the latter of whom makes the side-splitting faux pas that it took "three Cranes" to lift a fallen Daphne). The melding of the fat Daphne arc and Kenny's wife situation makes for some fantastic comedy.