Season 1 Episode 4

I Hate Frasier Crane

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1993 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Frasier: As some of you may know, yesterday I was mentioned in Derek Mann's "Mann About Town" column. He said, and I quote, "I Hate Frasier Crane"..."I Hate Frasier Crane". What trenchant criticism. Move aside Voltaire, step back in the shadows H.L. Mencken, there's a new kid in town. One can only wonder how many hours Derek Mann sat in the glow of his computer screen before his trembling fingers sprang to life and pecked out this chef d'oeuvre: "I... *hate*... Frasier Crane". A lesser critic would've wasted our time by presenting a well thought-out point-by-point constructive critique of this show. But no-ho-ho, not our Mr. Mann. So, dear listeners, when Mr. Mann's column arrives on your doorstep, read it, enjoy it, but above all, treasure it. For one day, this man will be joining the Pantheon of the Immortals. And if we're lucky, it will be one day soon. (Frasier blows off the top of his microphone and holsters it triumphantly, like the hero of a Western after a big shootout)