Season 11 Episode 6

I'm Listening

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2003 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Ronee: Frasier, what are you doing?
      Frasier: I didn't know you two were home. Uh, I was just cleaning the oven, I must have dozed off.
      Ronee: Cool. Well, I gotta run. Goodnight, you two.
      Martin: See ya.
      (He waits until she is gone, then rounds on Frasier)
      Martin: You have a disease!
      Frasier: Dad, please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, let me explain-
      Martin: No, there's nothing to explain! I told you not to eavesdrop and you did it again, you are a very sick person!
      Frasier: I tried to announce myself, I had a mouthful of apple rendering me speechless!
      Martin: Oh, I was a cop, you think I haven't heard that one before?
      (He storms out of the kitchen, Frasier follows him)
      Frasier: You are just angry because I heard you lying to Ronee. You really expect to win Ronee's heart by inventing fictitious girlfriends? "Sheila," indeed!
      Martin: (floundering) It's none of your business, and... you weren't supposed to hear it!
      Frasier: Well, I did hear it.
      Martin: No, you overheard it. It's like an illegal wiretap - it's inadmissible!
      (Martin stalks to his room, Frasier follows him)
      Frasier: Dad, you cannot build a relationship on lies!
      Martin: Inadmissible!
      Frasier: Dad!
      Martin: IN-ADMISSIBLE!
      Frasier: Fine!