Season 8 Episode 17

It Takes Two to Tangle

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2001 on NBC

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  • Martin *really* does it his way....

    Not one of the best episodes of Frasier, "It Takes Two To Tangle" is a worthy watch. The MacGuffin is that Frasier and Niles' old school is going bankrupt and they need donation money to keep it afloat. Making the situation more urgent, their fundraising dinner party does not go as planned as none of their rich friends can afford a donation at that time. Then their father Martin begins to date the wealthy Penelope Janvier and a door is opened - until Martin begins dating another woman at the same time.

    "It Takes Two To Tangle" is not as funny as other Frasier episodes are - Martin dating two women at the same time does give a chuckle here and there but we already saw Frasier do it in season six (it was funnier there too) and the William character, Penelope's son played by John Michael Higgins, is not very funny. As almost lackluster as this episode is, Frasier does get in some fantastic quips and the episode does feature two amazingly funny Niles moments which automatically makes it a must-see Frasiersode.
  • Martin dates two women at the same time.

    Niles and Frasier's old prep school is closing down, so they search for someone who can help them keep their school open, and to their surprise Martin starts dating a pretty rich woman.

    The boys however are mortified when they find out Martin is dating another woman named Estelle, but Martin assures them that he has everything under control.

    we see just how much Martin has it under control when they got to a party set up my Penelope, Martin's first girlfriend, and everything goes well, until Estelle calls, and Penelope answers his phone, in which Martin comes in, and says he was going to tell her, they end up leaving but she still gives Frasier and Niles a check, for 50 dollars.

    The whole ordeal with Martin and his two girlfriends was well done, and it goes to show even veterans like Martin can slip up from time to time.