Season 4 Episode 10

Liar! Liar!

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 1997 on NBC

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  • Frasier feels guilty after finding out that a prank he and Niles pulled in prep school got another student expelled.

    After Frasier finds out that another student by the name of John Rajeski, was expelled for a prank that Frasier and Niles pulled.

    Niles does not feel guilty, manly because this is the same man who hung him up on the flagpole and would always bully him, Frasier however decides to look him up, and he finds out he's in prison.

    Frasier then tries to get to the bottom of why he committed all of those crimes, and John admits it all started after being kicked out of that prep school, which Frasier then decides to not tell him is was him who pulled the alarm, after seeing a man in a neck brace, and finding out that he got that way for touching John's comb. Another classic episode, I love the scene where John's wife hits on Frasier, and the look on his face when she jumps in his lap priceless.
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