Season 3 Episode 16

Look Before You Leap

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frasier returns to the apartment from a walk. Martin says how he wants to visit a friend of his in Montana for his 16th (technically 64th) birthday. Frasier then starts saying how it is a leap year, and how everyone should take a leap. Daphne follows, and says how she will change her hairstyle, as according to Martin, she always complains about it. Niles then shows up, saying how he intends to go over to Maris' house to have sex with her. Frasier does not wish him to do this, as they have been separated for months and he wants Niles to move on from Maris. He brings up how he has a small opportunity to do this with her, as she is going on vacation to Europe soon.

Roz says how she had finally found the man she had dreamed of, but he had been separated from her before she could get his contact information. Frasier suggests she ask for him over the air, as she is eventually convinced into doing. Niles shows up at the station, saying how he heard Frasier's speech about breaking patterns for leap day, and decides that being alone is his pattern; how he should break it by visiting Maris. Niles eventually leaves after being yelled at by Frasier, and Gary shows up at the station. Roz leaves the office for a bit to meet him, where she finds out that Gary is already married. Frasier, unaware, decides to sign up for an event on PBS for leap day. He then sees what happened with Roz, and starts gaining a feeling of regret.

At the apartment, Frasier is practicing the Aria he had hoped to sing, and Niles is saying how he still wants to meet up with Maris. Martin storms in, saying how his plane crashed and how he had barely survived the flight. Like Roz, he is angry for taking Frasier's leap day advice. Frasier gets back to his Aria, when Daphne shows up, with an absolutely horrible haircut. Niles realizes how everyone has ended up worse after taking Frasier's advice, and immediately storms off to Maris.

At PBS, Frasier decides not to sing his Aria, instead replacing it with "Buttons and Bows" at the last second. Unfortunately for him, he forgets most of the lyrics, and ad libs... badly. Daphne and Martin recorded it and are watching it on TV as he gets home.

During the credits, Niles arrives home, swearing to Frasier that he did not see Maris. As Frasier leaves the room, Niles pulls out a bit of cream from behind his ear and eats it.