Season 9 Episode 5

Love Stinks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2001 on NBC

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  • Trash talk....

    Roz Doyle is not one to hold onto a man. Call it fear of commitment, call it booty chasing - Roz has been around the block so many times she has worn a tread in the road. But now Roz has met Roger (Ghost star Tony Goldwyn) - he is different and makes her feel different. There is one thing that keeps the relationship from reaching a "perfect" status however: Roz struggles with the fact that Roger is a garbage man. While Roz enters into this new relationship, Frasier is also struggling with something. After reading a limerick written on the men's bathroom stall at the radio station about how much of a snob he is, Frasier tries to make everyone like him by throwing a party. Things could not be worse for Frasier however, as he does not know the names of any of his guests from his own workplace - which Kenny tries to help out with, to hilarious effect - and he starts to wonder if getting everyone to like him was a good idea in the first place.

    "Love Stinks" is a terrific Frasiersode. Frasier's part of the storyline could not be funnier, it is always funny to see Frasier try to fit in and his reactions to the limerick are hilarious ("People are making additions!"). However, Roz's part of the story really makes the episode great. The story is touching and dramatic, it threads a moral into the show, and it also provides an outlet for actress Peri Gilpin to really shine.
  • Frasier hosts a party.

    Frasier hosts a party for his fellow co-workers, when he finds out that most of them think of him as a snob.

    Roz brings out the snob ness in her when get shows signs of embarrassment every time her new boyfriend Roger is asked what he does and she changes the subject, and they end up breaking up after Roz tells people to ask him other questions, but in a way that she's embarrassed of him.

    After the break up Roz can think of nothing but Roger so after some convincing from her daughter Alice, Roz goes after Roger.

    Great character development for Roz shows she's not that big of a snob that she is willing to date a garbage man.
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