Season 11 Episode 7

Maris Returns (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2003 on NBC

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  • Maris returns with a favor to ask of Niles.

    Maris returns and asks for Niles' help about her lover, Esteban, she tells Niles what he is like and Niles tells her to leave him, well that doesn't sit to well with Esteban and he shows up at Niles apartment and punches out Frasier thinking he's Niles.

    The problems get bigger and bigger and Daphne storms off when she learns that Niles lied to her about meeting Maris, but later returns a bit calmed down.

    Frasier was so dramatic after being punched, he always mentioned it after somebody says something, which I thought was pretty funny, that and the way Niles would get every time he lied to Daphne.
  • Maris is back.

    Another one in the series of amazing season 11 episodes brings us the return of Maris, the woman that gave me so many laughs even though she was never actually on-screen. The entire premise with Niles lying to Daphne about meeting Maris was hilarious, and especially funny how Niles kept lying or twitching when a hormone-induced Daphne confronted him. The cliffhanger was quite intriguing, so we'll see what happens next.

    Meanwhile, Frasier's story was also laugh-out-loud amazing stuff. Opening his private practice was a great idea, and maybe it would have been great if Frasier went beyond 11 seasons. It would have been a great topic for many episodes. I couldn't stop laughing when Frasier kept telling his patients that sentence at the beginning of the meeting, and how his temporary assistant was confused by everything. Another amazing scene was with the woman that had troubles being seen as a sex object - Frasier was just amazingly funny.