Season 11 Episode 18

Match Game

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2004 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Daphne: And one of those cinnamon buns, please – extra frosting.
      (Brad and Cindy, another expecting couple, enter. Cindy's bump is
      very prominent)

      Niles: Oh, here they are.
      (They warmly greet each other, and everyone sits)
      Cindy: We were so excited when you guys asked us out. You're like the A-list couple in Lamaze class.
      Niles: Oh well, that's good to hear. We were afraid we were in the "C-section."
      (Brad unpacks some plastic containers and a thermos filled with a green-
      colored smoothie)

      Brad: We bring our own food everywhere. Cindy doesn't put anything unhealthy in her body. No refined sugar, white flour or gluten. I'm sure you're the same.
      Daphne: Oh, of course.
      (The waitress comes back with a plate)
      Waitress: Cinnamon bun.
      Daphne: Oh, no thank you, I'm pregnant.
      Waitress: But you said-
      Daphne: I said no!