Season 11 Episode 18

Match Game

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2004 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Charlotte: Hi! Welcome to Charlotte's Web: a matchmaking service. Come in!
      Frasier: Well, I'm-I'm sorry, isn't this...? Oh, I see what happened. I must have been so engrossed in my paper I went right past my floor.
      Charlotte: Of course. It can be a little embarrassing to admit you need help in the romance department, please come in.
      Frasier: No, this was a mistake.
      Charlotte: I understand. (more insistent) Come in.
      Frasier: Trust me, you are comically incorrect. I do not need a matchmaker.
      Charlotte: So you're married?
      Frasier: No.
      Charlotte: Dating someone?
      Frasier: I date plenty. In fact, I often need the proverbial stick one uses to beat women off... with. I... (rallies) I believe my point is made. (turns back to the elevator)
      Charlotte: Why don't you just take my card?
      Frasier: I don't need your card.
      Charlotte: In case you change your mind.
      Frasier: I won't change my mind.
      Charlotte: For a friend.
      Frasier: I have no friends. (realizes) ...who are in need of your services. You see, I am a bit of a local celebrity, so I have no trouble getting dates. (calls the elevator)
      Charlotte: Really?
      Frasier: Yes.
      Charlotte: What's your name?
      Frasier: Dr. Frasier Crane.
      Charlotte: Oh! (then) Sorry, doesn't ring any bells.

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